Finding online jobs for college students can be an adjustment, especially if you had an on-campus work-study position or a job that required you to perform your responsibilities in person. As the most technologically connected generation, you have an advantage in securing an online job in this unprecedented season (ahem, COVID-19 pandemic).

To help you in your online job search, we’re listing five of the best ways you can make money online — all with the flexibility you need.

1. Resell or flip items!

Reselling items has become popular with Facebook Marketplace and a wide variety of apps. It’s pretty easy. Take photos of what you want to sell, list the price and sell!

Great online platforms and apps for reselling and flipping items:

  • Reselling and flipping books is easy to do on BookScouter (check out the app for iOS and Android)
  • Reselling or flipping clothes is easy on Poshmark (recommended by BookScouter user Nina M.)
  • Sell DVDs, CDs, and unopened games with some vendors found on BookScouter like Amazon and eBay (recommended by BookScouter user John S.)
  • Resell almost any item through FaceBook Marketplace or eBay
  • Resell vintage or used furniture on Chairish for consignment
a list of price comparison apps
These price comparison apps will help you sell items online

2. Share your skills.

Whatever your talents are, there is likely an opportunity for you to use your skills online. Maybe you’re growing your skills in graphic design, you’re a fast and efficient typist, or maybe you’re really great at research and sales. Whatever you’re skilled in and passionate about, there’s likely a place for you to share your talent with the online world.

Platforms that can help you connect with companies looking for your talents:

What can you offer on these sites? Almost anything!

Here’s an abbreviated list of the skills business are looking for online:

  • Graphic Design
  • Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Music
  • Audio
  • Programming
  • Tech
  • Business
  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Lifestyle (think fitness or cooking lessons and more!)
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Customer Service
  • Admin support
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Sales
  • Data Entry

3. Tutor.

You read that correctly. Tutoring is a great way to make additional money right now. While you might not be able to pick up the pencil to show a student long division, you can certainly use meeting sites like Zoom and Whereby. If you’re already tutoring, reach out to your student(s) to see if they would like to continue working together as they are likely also transitioning to school online too.

Looking for tutoring opportunities? Check out these platforms that can help you match with a student:

tutoring is one of the most perfect online jobs for college students
If you’re gifted with a subject, share your knowledge by virtual tutoring.

Don’t forget to reach out to your college’s Academic Support team to see if they are looking for online peer tutors.

4. Switch to eCommerce!

Help brick and mortar storefronts re-create their shopping experience online. By offering your eCommerce knowledge with a local shop, you can help them remain in business while building your resume and making some necessary cash!

Interested in this line of work, here are the eCommerce sites you ought to know:

Shopify is the most popular of current eCommerce sites. HERE is a great article on how to master the Shopify platform.

5. Test products and websites.

Testing websites and products is a great way to gain access to cool products or learn about new businesses while also making extra cash in some downtime. Most of these platforms will offer cash for your feedback or public review (sometimes via asocial media post or blog), but occasionally they offer points in addition to the products which you could “cash in” for money.

Interested in testing websites? Check out these platforms:

To test general products and surveys check out these companies:

As an increasing number of businesses shift more of their attention to the online marketplace, your skills are highly valuable. Explore the options above or some from our article 50 Ways to Make $50 Online to find a great fit for you. Good luck!

6. Create your own website or blog

You can consider the following option to monetize your blog – selling ad space, participating in affiliate marketing programs, and getting commission from orders you refer, or develop your own course or another type of digital product and promote and sell it on your blog.

P.S. If you have already graduated and now looking for a job, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a legit side-hustle to keep you afloat. Look into our tips on how to find and maintain an online side-gig while job hunting!

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