The BookScouter team is thrilled to announce the launch of our podcast: The Studentpreneur Show!

The Studentpreneur Show podcast is for studentpreneurs, entrepreneurs, companies and leaders looking to help small businesses be more successful and, of course, anyone considering starting their own business.

Over the years we have worked with many college students. From the students we learned that an impressive amount have an entrepreneurial spirit.

We decided to make a podcast for you, the people who inspire us most. The scrappy, passionate people working to make their mark in the world, you rock!

In every episode of The Studenpreneur Show, you’ll find practical tips and tools to launch your own business and thrive.

Special shout out to those with low budgets and feeling like you can’t get started such little capital. We know how you feel. To help, we have a great line up of interviewees. These brilliant bosses will help you start your dream business with a low budget.

Subscribe to hear from directors of entrepreneurship programs, studentpreneurs who have started their own businesses, and directors of campus representative programs in future episodes. In addition to sharing their stories, these interviewees will also share their best tips on starting and scaling a business.

In this introductory episode you will hear from our host Taegan Thomas and BookScouter’s CEO Jacob Brown.

This episode is the best place to start. In this introductory episode we learn who the podcast is for, how you’ll benefit from The Studentpreneur Show, and, of course, a bit about how we got started.

This season of The Studentpreneur Show is hosted by Taegan Thomas. Taegan is a high school senior fascinated by marketing and making waves in the GO CAPS (hands-on learning accelerator program for high school students). Her innovation helped BookScouter and landed her this role. We think she makes a pretty great host!

The Studentpreneur Show is produced by BookScouter.

Our goal is to help people. Naturally, we help people save and make money every day through our app In addition to our business, we also aim to help people pursue their dreams and thrive.

Ready to hear the first episode of The Studentpreneur Show? CLICK HERE, and remember to subscribe!

The links provided lead to iTunes, but if you prefer another podcast platform, just search “The Studentpreneur Show” and you’ll find us!