When shopping, we are often hunted by the thought — “Am I getting the best deal? Can I find this item for a better price somewhere else?” It is quite paralyzing, isn’t it? Price comparison apps will not save you millions on shopping just because you’ve downloaded them, but these tools will definitely make your life easier. Price comparison tools find the cheapest offer for a given item so that you can make a better choice. You will spare time wasted on endless browsing and save money on books, groceries, clothing, and other goods. Do you want to know what these price comparison apps are? Here we’ve picked our five absolute favorites.

Everybody is already used to searching for flight tickets and hotel rooms using price comparison sites (hello, Booking and Tripadvisor). But are we that meticulous when facing our everyday consumer choices? We often assume that Amazon should have the best deals, but it is not always the case, so an online price checker tool would help you out. Google Shopping is becoming more and more popular. There are multiple price comparison sites, but they’re obviously not that handy when it comes to rapid price checking — it would be so much easier just to scan a barcode!

It is also often assumed that the difference between the prices offered for the same item is minimal, and it won’t make sense even to bother. But more often than not, you can save heaps if you check prices across vendors and look for possible discounts. So make sure you have these price checker apps on your phone whenever you’re heading to a mall or shopping online.

QR Reader: The Essential Price Checker

It is one of the most basic price comparison apps with a straightforward design and function — it scans barcodes and QR codes. But the magic only starts here: if you scan a barcode, let’s say, of a smoothie shaker, you will get a price quote for this product from every major retail company like Amazon, Walmart, eBay. 

This app can also function as a simple QR reader and a scanner, so in any case, it is a handy addition to your app library.

BookScouter: Price Comparison App for Books

Are you fond of books? Then you should definitely know how to get them cheaply, especially if you like owning hard copies. Especially, it concerns expensive books like textbooks, photography books, cooking books, manuals, and scholarly publications. BookScouter is a nifty price comparison tool for online shopping — if you’re hunting for books, of course.

You can type an ISBN or title — and here it is! In a second, you get a list of vendors offering this book for sale (or rent), and the only thing that’s left is to order from the best one. Moreover, BookScouter also includes available promo codes to maximize your savings. It works equally well if you’re looking for a place to sell textbooks and other literature.

BookScouter app makes the process of finding the best offer for any book even easier. If you are in a store or a thrift shop, just scan a barcode and get a price quote!

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Flipp: Groceries Price Comparison Tool

This app is ideal for savoring all weekly deals! Leave bulky flyers from stores you get by main in the past. Flipp helps you to check what’s on discount in nearby stores (the location function is really handy) or look if a specific item is on sale.

Flipp makes sure that you’re always up to date about the latest discounts. You can also upload your loyalty cards to the app to save more! This price comparison app offers an extra feature — a built-in shopping list! Make browsing through Flipp your weekly habit, and you’ll save quite a bit!

ShopSavvy: THe Best of the Price Comparison Tools

This price checker app offers one of the biggest databases of retailers! Use it to scan barcodes of items you’re interested in and never miss the best price! ShopSavvy also helps you keep track of sales for chosen product categories. In addition, it provides you with useful info on shipping and other expenses you might incur.

Shopbrain: Online Shopping Comparison App

If you are mostly into online shopping from your laptop, use this browser extension. Shopbrain will equip you with the knowledge of all the best deals out there! It takes care not only of your savings but also your time. You won’t spend an extra minute browsing online since you do not need to go to each vendor’s website to check how much they want for a toaster.

Have fun shopping and saving with these price comparison apps!