Ah, winter! The delight of the first snow; Christmas decorations are everywhere. You develop a habit of lighting candles every night and keep cuddling in warm blankets—to bring the feeling of hygge. And unless you live somewhere in Arizona, you get a stylish puffer coat—partly because you need to make contact with the outside world and because it brightens up the fact that the weather is nasty most of the time and everything around is cold and dark. The temptation to cozy up on the couch and watch Netflix non-stop is almost irresistible. 

Don’t give up so easily! Winter might not be the ideal period to stay outdoors for long hours (yet again, reviewing the events of the last year in retrospect, let’s hope we have this choice when we’d like it…), but it’s the time to reflect and take care of ourselves and people around us. It is also the time to get creative and try new things. 

We decided to help you here, and in this article, we’ve compiled a list of 100 things you can do this winter—either alone or with your family and friends—to make winter feel nice. Our list ranges in effort: some days, you may be ready to try a new craft or have fun with your friends, while on other days, a cup of hot cocoa will be good enough. Let’s have a look!