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Slader (Quizlet Explanations) vs. Chegg Study vs. Course Hero—Textbook Solutions Comparison

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Complicated subjects and homework overload make many students struggle in class. Overwhelmed with the number of assignments and being short of time, many seek assistance online. Many platforms claim to be both competent and effective in dealing with student needs and capable of meeting their requirements—to lessen the workload, cover knowledge gaps, provide 24/7 expert assistance, give answers, and help improve understanding and grades. Yet, all of them have their specific features, and the key to success is to make an informed decision. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a comparison of the three most popular learning platforms for students, their features, costs, pros and cons so that you can find the best textbook solution option for you. Following the brief comparison chart are the detailed reviews of the platforms.


10 Questions & Answers About Access Codes for Textbooks

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When you first attend college, the world of academia and textbooks can be overwhelming. Quite often, you may hear professors discussing ‘access codes’, but what are they? Do you need them? And how can you purchase them? Here are our top 10 questions that people commonly ask about access codes and the answers you need. Let’s take a closer look.


25 Websites to Get Help with Your Homework

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25 websites to get help with your homework

Homework is stressful. Students often have difficulty understanding the material and are not able to complete assignments on time. Modern technology can help. Many different websites offer online homework and study aids to ensure students gain the confidence they need to learn and succeed. Most websites have professional online tutors to help students in a variety of subjects.


7 TED Talks On The Benefits of Reading Fiction

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Nobody is going to challenge the power and importance of reading in our modern society built of texts and images. However, while chasing after productivity and profits, the benefits of reading fiction (as opposed to non-fiction) are often neglected. We perceive reading only as a practical tool for acquiring knowledge but not as much as a joyful process valuable on its own. 


The Why’s and How’s of Volunteering in College

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It pays off to do the right thing! Besides the chance to do something nice for others, volunteering in college has many benefits for your future career, wellbeing, and networking. So before you think your semester is too busy with school and work, consider these reasons to get out and serve… Here we nail down all they why’s and how’s of volunteering in college, providing practical advice on how to find a volunteering opportunity that suits you the best.


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