College students will often look to supplement their money and gain valuable experience by taking a job alongside their studies.  These jobs are often part-time or flexible in nature, and not too demanding or likely to cause a conflict with the serious business of attaining an important qualification. This article takes you through the top 15 jobs for college students, and what they entail. 

How to prepare for a job search

Before looking for a job, it helps to consider what you are looking for, and any professional areas which either interest you or are linked to what you are studying.  Prepare your CV or résumé, a cover letter, and practice some mock interview questions with a friend (behavioral interview questions work best).  Think about where you want to work, how you’re going to commute there, and most importantly of all, understand how many hours per week you can work and when you are available to do so, as the recruiter will want to know this information as soon as they meet you.