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Launched: Buyback Price Alerts

News & Updates By October 18, 2021 Tags: , , , No Comments

You can now get email notifications when the price hits your desired threshold for any of the 200.000+ books listed on We give you Buyback Price Alerts.

Introducing Buyback Price Alerts

Here at, we believe that everyone should have access to the best buyback price, but how do you know when that price is just right? Whether you’re looking to get some cash for your college books or sell books on a regular basis, we’ve launched Buyback Price Alerts to help you get more bang for your buck.


Discover BookScouter Pro Tools: Make Money by Selling Books Online

News & Updates By June 10, 2021 Tags: , , No Comments

It is no secret you can make money selling books online. BookScouter is a great platform for finding the most profitable deals to sell books. However, for high-volume users, we have an ace in the hole — BookScouter Pro Tools. They help track the best deals and books currently in demand and manage books in bulk. Want to maximize your profit from selling books online? Let’s unpack how these pro tools work.


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