Focusing on the goal of graduating can leave little time to make extra cash while in college. Since you need to squeeze in time to work and every day looks different, here are four ways to make extra cash in college that work with your full schedule!

1. The first way to make extra cash in college can fit right into your own class schedule: tutoring.

Are you strong in a subject area? Your college may need tutors for the campus’ academic support center. Working on campus is a huge plus: they always work with your class schedule AND, if you live on campus, you won’t need to drive (which saves you time and money).

If you feel a little nervous about tutoring your peers, consider tutoring younger kids. is a safe place to share your information and schedule with families of young kids or high schoolers looking for tutors. Similarly, if you’ve thought about teaching English abroad, consider QKid. This opportunity will not only make you money, but also give you experience in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), which is a great benefit! However, you will need your associate’s degree or equivalent of college experience to sign up for QKid.

2. Do you already have a favorite brand or two? Become a Brand Ambassador or College Rep!

Checkout places like University Tees and Pink University . Campus Ambassador roles do require applications and require a range of experience or interests. For a full list of Campus Ambassador options, check out this great list from Reppr . If you’re headed to graduate school, consider the Kaplan Test Prep Student Ambassador program . Kaplan gives great perks, like help preparing for your own big grad school exam!

3. The third, great way to make extra money while in college is to do the work, the flexible work.

Check out a variety of job opportunities on TaskRabbit. Sign up when you want to make extra money and allow people to find you and your skills! Also check with your campus employment office. For instance, some colleges have their own flex-job program.

4. Do you have a hobby or a skill you want to share while raising cash for it? Start your personal blog!

Pursuing a blog turns out to be a great side business for college students. You can monetize your blog through advertising and affiliate marketing. What can be better than being paid for something you are cut out for? It’s likely that you don’t get big money right off the bat. But remember that patience, consistency in content posting and a holistic strategy are the key to success. With that in mind, you’ll be on the right track towards turning blogging into a full-time job.

Knowing these four, flexible ways to make money, you can save for that summer trip or next semesters tuition! 

Bonus Tip: For our faithful readers, we have one more bonus tip for you!

Re-sell your used textbooks via the BookScouter App. It’s easy to download to your smartphone (both Android and Apple users can play and get paid)  and even easier to use! Type in the ISBN number and see what over 30 vendors will pay for your book.