Become a BookScouter Affiliate

Joining the BookScouter Affiliate marketing program will help you monetize the traffic on your websites, blogs, and other channels. Share affiliate links to our website with your audience and get paid for every conversion!

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Affiliate Program

How to become a BookScouter Affiliate?

  1. We will ask you to answer several questions via Typeform:

    • How do you plan to promote BookScouter on your site?
    • What are your traffic statistics? Please attach screenshots of analytics of your site or channels.
  2. Your application will be reviewed within 2 weeks.

    If your profile meets the criteria of the program, you will get an email stating approval.

  3. BookScouter will set an account on LinkTrust for an approved affiliate.

    You will get all the login details in a separate email. Via LinkTrust, you will be able to generate referral links to share them on your site, social networks, or media channels.

  4. Put these referral links to work!

    You will get $1 for each conversion. A conversion is a SELL/BUY/RENT button click near any vendor/bookstore by a user referred to BookScouter through an affiliate link. Note: we don’t pay for duplicate clicks (when the same person clicks repeatedly).

  5. Get paid on the 15th of every month for the previous month.

    Your commission is calculated via LinkTrust.

Who can become a BookScouter Affiliate?

We are happy to welcome the following content creators and organizations as BookScouter affiliates:

  • Blogs or websites

    • With related content (i.e., books, college, student lifestyle)
    • Are not related to the themes promoted by BookScouter but still would like to spread the word about BookScouter with their audience
  • Social media accounts

    • With an established following of a similar target group
  • Libraries and private schools

    • That want to send referral links by email to their customers.

Unfortunately, we will not approve applications of the following types:

  • Mass marketing

  • Paid advertising

  • Social media or websites with questionable content

  • Applications from other countries since we work only within the US

How Can You Promote BookScouter?

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Start making money money with BookScouter

An average BookScouter affiliate earns $500 and more a month

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