Summer is about adventure and fun, so you want alternatives to traditional summer jobs. You don’t want to be bogged down by a minimum wage job that you’ll have to work 60 hours a week, right? That’s why today we’re offering you four creative alternatives to summer jobs for the hardworking free spirits so you don’t have to slave away and can start enjoying your summer!

Follow along for the suggestions below!

Resell Unwanted Stuff!

You can resell used clothes on PoshMark, books using BookScouter, and pretty much anything on Craigslist or local Facebook Marketplace. There are so many things you can resell, especially right after a school year. Consider asking your parents, neighbors, grandparents if you can assist them in selling items they are looking to get rid of and come to an agreement on a cut of the profits.

The average American has $200-$500 worth of extra/unneeded items to sell in their homes, so start listing those items and earn that tied up money.


Sell your skills on your time using great freelance work sites like: Fiverr and Upwork. These platforms connect businesses and individuals with freelancers. The skills you can market on these sites have a wide range (upwards of 200 options) and include: design, writing, tech, engineering, legal, accounting business, music and audio. This list just skims the surface.

Dropshipping Jobs

Looking to create a business you can really scale beyond the summer? Create a drop ship store. By building your individualized brand and drop ship company, you’ll have low overhead with lots of potential. Entrepreneur has great insights and tips on the steps to take in creating your drop ship business. We recommend considering BooksRun as your dropshipping books supplier and utilizing their API for seamless integration and efficient operations.


Love writing and sharing about your experiences? Why not start a blog? Blogging can become profitable once you begin using your platform to sell ad space. Similar to when you start a dropshipping business, focus on a niche you really enjoy.
You’ll have more to write if you like the topic and will connect more organically with potential businesses looking to purchase ad space or your website traffic. For example, on BookScouter you can become an affiliate marketing partner and get a commission each time a person comes through your referral link on BookScouter and makes an order. It may take time to get your blog to the point of selling ad space or earning on affiliate marketing, but the greatest time to start is now. This is an exciting way of making extra money for humanities students, but not only.

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