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5 Tips on How to Make Money while Job Hunting after College

Personal finance By June 26, 2021 Last Updated on November 8, 2022 by Olivia Smith Tags: , No Comments

You’ve worked hard to graduate! Now you’re urgently looking for a well-paid job to make money after college. But the prospects often don’t seem as blissful as you’ve expected as the job market is tough and over-flooded with recent graduates. It may take up to half a year before you land your secure position. If you savings are scarce, it is extremely hard to get by. Here are some tips on how to make money while job hunting after college!

8 Legit Side Hustles to Make Money Online

Personal finance By March 7, 2021 Last Updated on November 8, 2022 by Olivia Smith Tags: , , No Comments

It is never a bad idea to make money online, especially if you have some free time on your hands. On top of that, you do not need more than a laptop, and sometimes a few skills that are easy to acquire. Where to start from when searching for legit side hustles? Here are valuable tips and suggestions for anybody who is looking for legit ways to make money online. 

How to Sell Unwanted Items Like Holiday Gifts

Personal finance By December 25, 2019 Last Updated on November 11, 2022 by Olivia Smith Tags: No Comments

Gift-giving is such a fun and exciting part of the holiday season! But every year you likely find yourself burdened with some gifts that you really don’t want. Never fear–you can sell unwanted holiday gifts with minimal effort, and you can use your profits to buy something you actually want…like groceries or that trip to Iceland!

Humanities Degree Jobs: 15 Side Hustle Ideas

Personal finance By December 2, 2019 Last Updated on November 8, 2022 by Olivia Smith Tags: , No Comments

The Humanities are a large field, including subjects as widespread as theater, visual arts, film, music, English language and literature, history, and foreign languages. If you’re studying the Humanities, you have probably had someone ask you how you plan to make money with that degree. Someone inconsiderate may have even mocked your degree because it doesn’t necessarily include “transferable skills” like some others (e.g. math or biology). But what they don’t realize (and what you may not even realize yourself) is that you have developed plenty of really useful skills – skills that can score you some cash and an incredibly fulling career.

Flipping College Furniture as a Side Hustle

Flipping College Furniture

Personal finance By August 19, 2019 Last Updated on November 4, 2022 by Olivia Smith Tags: , No Comments

Ever feel stuck when it comes to side hustle ideas? We have a new one for you that you might have not thought of ever before! 

We recently spoke with someone who is making money in a creative way. Always inspired by how people earn extra cash or supplement their incomes (We did start a podcast about Studentpreneurs after all), we want to share this real life story with you. 


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