Gift-giving is such a fun and exciting part of the holiday season! But every year you likely find yourself burdened with some gifts that you really don’t want. Never fear–you can sell unwanted holiday gifts with minimal effort, and you can use your profits to buy something you actually want…like groceries or that trip to Iceland!

  1. Unwanted Jewelry
  2. Unwanted Electrical Items
  3. Unwanted Gift Cards
  4. Unwanted Items Such as Tools and Appliances
  5. Strange Unwanted Gifts
  6. Unwanted Clothes
  7. Unwanted Books
  8. Unwanted Car
  9. Unwanted Alcohol
  10. Unwanted Fabric
  11. Unwanted Concert Tickets
  12. Unwanted Furniture
  13. Unwanted Cell Phones
  14. Unwanted Laptops

Where Can I Sell Unwanted Items for Cash Near Me?

If you’ve never done this before, you may be exceedingly puzzled by the question. This is also the question you’re most likely to ask Google if you think about selling your unwanted gifts and items online. In this article, we’ve compiled the list of the most popular unwanted gifts and places (means) where to sell them. Read on!

Best Place to Sell Unwanted Jewelry

If you receive jewelry that just doesn’t quite suit your taste, don’t worry–you don’t have to wear it. Jewelry is one of the easiest items to resell. Pawnshops will often buy jewelry that’s in good condition, even if it’s costume jewelry. However, you can make more money off of genuine silver and gold.

It doesn’t matter if your boyfriend bought you a truly hideous necklace–as long as it’s real silver or gold, or contains authentic precious gemstones like diamonds or sapphires, you can sell it to a pawn shop–the best place to sell unwanted jewelry. Even if they don’t think the entire item could be easily resold, they can weigh it and quote you a price based on the current price of gold, silver, etc. A pawn shop can also help you out if you aren’t quite sure if your jewelry is authentic. Pawnshop employees are usually jewelry experts and can tell you if your gems are real diamonds or cheap cubic zirconia. 

If you’ve never sold anything to a pawn shop, be prepared and take along your driver’s license. In many states, the state law requires that you provide your driver’s license before selling to a pawn shop. This serves as a safeguard to ensure that stolen goods can be tracked down. If you don’t have a local pawn shop, you could list your unwanted bling on eBay or Poshmark instead. Be as descriptive as possible in your listing.

Sell your unwanted jewelry on Poshmark

How to Sell Unwanted Electrical Items Near Me

If you receive electronics (like a new cell phone, tablet, fitness tracker, or video game console) that you don’t want or need, do your best to keep it in the original package. An unopened electronic will yield a much higher resale price than one that has been opened, even if the product is unused. As with most of the other items on this list, eBay is a good place to list electronics for sale.

Speaking of which, you can resell electronics on sites like eBay.


Sell your unwanted electronics on eBay

If a well-meaning relative gets you the wrong accessory, like a PlayStation 4 controller for your Xbox One X, go ahead and sell it. The same goes for hideous phone and tablet cases that just don’t fit your style. While these things may not fetch huge amounts of money, getting even a modest amount of money is better than having these unwanted things cluttering up your home.

How to Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

Gift cards are an excellent gift, but sometimes you receive a gift card to a place you don’t really like. If that happens to you, don’t fall into the trap of forcing yourself to find something to buy just to use up the gift card.

Remember that some gift cards have expiration dates – you wouldn’t want a valuable gift card to get buried in your wallet only to resurface as an expired, worthless piece of plastic. Instead, you can usually resell gift cards themselves, often for a high percentage of the original value. Then you can use the cold, hard cash to buy things you actually want or need. The great thing about selling gift cards is that the physical cards are inexpensive to ship, and egift cards can be emailed to the buyer for no cost. Check out sites like Raise or CardCash to list your gift cards for sale.

Sell unwanted gift cards online on Raise or CardCash

How to Sell Unwanted Items Such as Tools and Appliances

Because tools can be bulky and heavy to ship, it is often better to sell them locally, through a platform like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. This helps you avoid hefty shipping costs. Brand new tools might sell at a higher price, but used tools in good condition still have good resale value. So if you’re gifted a new tool that’s a duplicate of one you already have, you could keep the higher quality one for yourself and sell the cheaper version. If you are the type of homeowner who is helpless at-home repairs and calls a repair person every time something breaks, save yourself the storage space, and sell unwanted things you don’t know how to use.

Sell unwanted tools and instruments on Craigslist

What to Do with Strange Unwanted Gifts? 

What do you do with that weird sweater your Aunt Muriel bought you? Well, first, check online to see if it came from Walmart, Kohl’s, Macy’s, or Land’s End. All of these stores will allow you to return anything from their stores without a receipt as long as the item still has the original tags or is in the original packaging. Your refund will typically be issued in the form of a gift card or store credit, which you can use in-store or online to buy pretty much anything you want.

Just be forewarned that your refund may not be as much as you expect if you looked the item up online. If the item was on sale at any point in the recent past, you will be refunded the sale price. Also, note that the specifics of return policies vary by state. For instance, Walmart requires that you show your driver’s license so they can record the number of returns you make with no receipt. In most states, the store will not allow you to make more than three receipt-less returns per year. 

Best Way to Sell Unwanted Clothes

Designer clothes and handbags are great sellers on sites like Tradesy, Poshmark, and of course, eBay.

If you’ve received a gift of designer clothes or a high-end purse that you just don’t like, your best bet is to try to sell it right away. The items that fetch the highest prices are those that are recent (not from several seasons ago) and ideally, still have the tags on. If you have trouble selling your clothes or bags yourself, or you just don’t want to deal with managing the sale listings, you could request a cleanout kit from ThredUp. This will allow you to send your items in all at once–you can even include other clothes you want to get rid of, as long as they’re in good condition. ThredUp will handle the listings and shipping, and you will get paid!

Sell your unwanted clothes online

How to Sell Unwanted Books

If you’re an avid reader, it is common for people to gift you with books. If you don’t like the books they chose for you or if you simply don’t want them to be part of your permanent library, use the BookScouter app to fetch the highest possible resale price for the book. Also feel free to check out our post on the Best Websites to Sell Books for additional options.

Sell your used and unwanted books on BookScouter. Since Amazon book trade in is no longer an option, BookScouter is the best place to get rid of unwanted books now.

Where to Sell an Unwanted Car

If by some chance, you happen to own a car that you don’t want or (more likely) you simply need to get rid of the old car, the most obvious places you can list it are

Sell your old car on Autotrader

How to Sell Unwanted Alcohol

If you have an unopened bottle of liquor you would like to sell, there are not many avenues you can use. The best and the safest one is probably to sell to people who live locally, someone who can actually come to your house and pick it up in person—your friend, neighbor, or a family member. At BookScouter, we are not legal experts, but we know that most popular online marketplaces have strict policies about listing alcohol, so be careful and read their fine print in advance. For instance, eBay states that “Wine can be listed on the eBay US site ( by eBay approved sellers only. No other alcohol products are allowed.” Craigslist forbids selling alcohol products, and so does Amazon. Therefore, we don’t recommend entering the “gray area”; instead, we urge you to check all applicable state laws and regulations before you actually make any move. Only then go and check the following forums: WineBerserkersLiquorListWineSpectator, as well as Vinfolio and Bottle Blue Book if you are a more sophisticated seller.

How to Sell Unwanted Fabric

Have extra fabric and want to destash? There are several options:

  • Donate. There are many organizations willing to accept your fabric donations (e.g., Quilts of ValorProject Night Night, etc.). You can donate to churches, schools, or thrift shops… Or you can give it away to someone who’s new to sewing.
  • Swap. If you have someone who likes sewing and scraping, you can give them the fabric you no longer need.
  • Sell. To sell your unwanted fabric, check Facebook Marketplace or individual Facebook destash groups, Instagram, eBay, and Etsy.

How to Sell Unwanted Concert Tickets

The tickets you got as a gift can also be put to good use if you don’t plan to use them. The most popular places to help them change hands are: 

Sell tickets online

How to Sell Unwanted Furniture

According to Market Watch, the furniture reselling market is expected to grow to $16 billion by 2025. Nowadays, if you want to sell your vintage cupboard or just to get rid of your old dinner table, you have more options than a garage sale or local newspaper ad. Apart from Craigslist and eBay, there are a lot of marketplaces where you can sell used and old furniture online today. Depending on the type of furniture you want to sell and profit expectations, here are your best options:

Sell your used and unwanted furniture online

How to Sell Unwanted Cell Phones

When you are done with your cell phone, and it’s still in perfect working condition, you can sell it and swap it for a newer model. If you don’t want to bother taking it to a retailer that sells refurbished goods and a cellular carrier trade-in program isn’t a good option, check online tech marketplaces. This is where you’ll find consumers looking for used phones and other tech devices. While everyone knows about eBay and Amazon, there are other marketplaces and price comparison platforms you might find interesting:

Sell your cell phone after checking all online marketplace offers

How to Sell Unwanted Laptops

Finally, if you have an old laptop in relatively good condition (and even if it’s in poor condition but still works), you can sell it for some extra cash. Here are the best services to use when you are thinking about selling your old MacBook or laptop:

Sell your used laptop online or via a trade-in program

Trade-In Programs

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re returning a gift or reselling it for cash, remember to be tactful. Someone purchased the gift with you in mind, and it might hurt their feelings to know you’re getting rid of it. I find it easiest to just get rid of the gift and be honest if ever asked about it, saying something like, “It was so kind of you to get me that necklace! The chain was a little short so I returned it to get something that suited me better.” you don’t have to be obvious about getting rid of your gift. Say a heartfelt thank you, and when listing your item for sale, make sure the gift-giver can’t see it out of respect for them. For example, if you list it in a Buy-Sell-Trade group on Facebook, ensure that the person who gave you the gift isn’t a member of the group. 

Now we hope you know where to sell unwanted stuff, so happy reselling, returning, regifting, and of course, happy holidays!