Whenโ€™s the best time to resell your used book? Right after the semester ends? During Christmas break? Or maybe during the summer months? BookScouter has created a feature that takes the guessing out of selling books online.

Our historic pricing tool, available for BookScouter Pro users, shows how much our 35+ buyback vendors have paid for a particular book over the past year. You can see how price rises and falls throughout the year. You can then gauge the best time for selling your used textbooks and making the most money on BookScouter.

For some books, itโ€™ll make sense to hold onto them when the semester ends and then sell them a few months later. The difference in what you can get for your book from week to week can be substantial.

For example, Water and Wastewater Engineering sold for $62.85 during the first week of January; for $41.02 at the end of March; and $71.01 at the beginning of May. If you can store your books, sometimes it would make sense to wait on selling them.

We hope you use the historic pricing tool to your advantage. Happy BookScouting! Check our recent article below that dwells into all the advantages of the BookScouter Pro tools for selling books online!

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