Hey BookScouters!

Need a few helpful tips to help you while you’re scouting? We’ve got you covered!

  • Be sure to regularly check out our blog at BookScouter.com for deals, promotions, tips, and more.
  • Always check the Vendors page and the user-submitted ratings before making any sale or purchasing decisions.
  • Then be sure to turn around and rate vendors you’ve used to help other book scouters reliably buy and sell their books!
  • Create a BookScouter account to unlock extra features such as vendor customization and email subscription.
  • Remember: Book prices can change daily so if you see a price you like, grab it while you can!
  • The peak season for textbook buying and selling is at the beginning and end of each semester. If you’re looking for a quick turnaround, focus on buying at the end of December and selling back at the beginning of January!
  • Likewise, the best time to sell your textbook is around the start of each semester. On average, a book will sell for the most around August/September or the beginning of January.
  • Check ‘BookScouter Deals’ daily as you never know when you will find a great deal and a quick buck!
  • Look up a book on our “Buyback Price History” before you sell it. This way you know whether or not you will get the maximum value for your book or if you need to hold off until a better time to sell.
  • Although Amazon might give you a better price for your books, prices don’t always vary that drastically, and it will take much longer to make the same amount of money you could make quickly on BookScouter.com
  • Want to customize the vendors you see? Create a free account so that you can ‘favorite’ ones you’ve used before and hide away other vendors you don’t care for.
  • Make sure you ship your books on time. Most vendors give you a one to two week window to send in your books. If you ship your books after the shipping label expires, they may not accept them.
  • Sometimes a browser’s pop-up blocker can prevent our site from exiting to the vendor’s page correctly. So if you’re running in to issues accessing our vendor’s page, try disabling your pop-up blocker while you are browsing our site.

You can find more helpful tips and strategies like these in our Guide To BookScouting!

Happy Scouting!