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It is no secret you can make money selling books online. BookScouter is a great platform for finding the most profitable deals to sell books. However, for high-volume users, we have an ace in the hole — BookScouter Pro Tools. They help track the best deals and books currently in demand and manage books in bulk. Want to maximize your profit from selling books online? Let’s unpack how these pro tools work.

You manage a bookstore and want to earn money by getting rid of excess books. You have your own book inventory and manage a profitable reselling business. Or maybe you just want to start an effortless online side-hustle by flipping books? These are just a few situations when you desperately need to know when and how to sell a large number of books, and what books have a high resale value. And there is a solution at hand — our Pro Tools.

BookScouter Pro Tools are offered for registered users as a monthly subscription for $29.99. Don’t close the tab just yet! These pro features are so powerful that the price of the subscription pays for itself when you sell books in just a few clicks.

BookScouter Pro Tool 1: Hot Flip Deals

Want to start flipping books — that is, buying and selling books online for profit? The first thing you need is to have a good grasp of the current buyback offers for each book. You will spend hours trying to search for a good deal that brings a $40 profit. One of the BookScouter Pro Tools does the job for you.

Our algorithm instantly analyzes all the offers from our vendors and presents you with the best hot flip deals only. See for yourself — for just one book, on average, you’ll get $35 (so, your monthly subscription has already been covered).

You can customize some parameters like the minimum profit you want to gain or the maximum price you want to pay for the book in the first place. In addition, you can get email notifications about the potential deals so that you don’t miss these juicy offers.

hot flip deals

Pro Tool 2: Bulk Liquidation Tool (ex Bulk Lookup)

If you’re a high-volume seller, you’re definitely fed up with looking up each book manually. Good news — we have a ready-made solution for you. 

Our Bulk Liquidation Tool tool allows you to remove your excess book inventory at the price you set. By setting your “target price” for your potential buybacks, you can sell your books to vendors with matching buyback offers. Upload a CSV file with up to 10,000 ISBNs a day and check all the available offers from BookScouter vendors — in one click and on one screen. Of course, you can tailor your search preferences and choose from which vendors you want to see potential offers. 


Pro Tool 3: Buyback Price History 

You need to know your market to make a sustainable profit. Our Buyback Price History tool provides you with an analysis tool to learn everything about supply and demand fluctuations on the used books market.

This awesome BookScouter Pro tool helps you determine the patterns of pricing seasonality for a particular ISBN. With some expensive and highly demanded items like textbooks, it is crucial to know the seasonality as it depends on the academic calendar. The pro tool will help you maximize your profit!

As a registered BookScouter user, you can look up buyback prices from all the vendors for up to three months. This is good for a start but not enough to analyze the seasonality. With the Pro subscription, you’ll be able to assess the pricing fluctuation and the maximum and the average prices since 2016. And you don’t need to be a guru of numbers — the tool maps all the prices on an intuitively understandable graph.

bookscouter pro tools price lookup

Pro Tool 4: High Resale Value Books

Undoubtedly, the main trends in the used books market are governed by seasonality. But the demand is also often triggered by a momentary agenda and recent events. For example, Luise Glück has received the Nobel Prize in literature — you can only guess how many people searched for her works last October.

With this BookScouter Pro tool, you don’t have to guess anymore. You will be able to look up the recently searched items with a high resale value! All the parameters — like the minimum and the maximum price, as well as the number of days to search through — are totally customizable. Never miss your chance to sell books at the right time for the right price!

high resale value

FAQ: Selling Books Online with BookScouter Pro Tools

  • You got me, now I want to get the BookScouter Pro subscription. How do I proceed with that?  

First, sign up or login into your existing account. There, you will have an option to upgrade to the pro subscription

  • Is there a trial period? 

No, we don’t have a trial period. However, we offer a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. You can become a Pro member and test our Pro tools for 14 days. If you decide to terminate your subscription within the first 14 days of usage, you’ll get a full refund. We think it’s a fair deal.

  • Do I get all these tools with the Pro subscription?

Yes, all four Pro tools are available with a monthly subscription.

Any other questions? Our customer support team is happy to help you out.