Reselling books can be a very lucrative business or side-hustle! As with every business, great tools and resources can help make the business of reselling books sustainable.

Best Resources to Help You Learn How to Resell Books

Resources for Finding and Flipping Books

Finding books that you can resell for profit is the greatest challenge and also one of the most exciting parts of flipping books (aside from making money). Below are a number of great places where you can find quality books to resell:

  • Online. When selling books, begin your research on book-sourcing sites or platforms such as Amazon and eBay (search by ISBN). Alternatively, you can use a website comparing online bookstore prices for you to discover the best deals and maximize your earnings. Other resale sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace might have some treasures.
  • Colleges. When looking for books, pay attention to college semesters; buying from college students could prove to be an excellent opportunity for you. You could gain permission from a college club or organization, partner with a local bookstore, or work with a local coffee shop to set up a shop (a table, a special event) to purchase books back from students. 
  • Local Places. Think of perusing the lines of tables full of treasures that you can make great money from (or some items you’d like to use in your own home). Places like garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, library sales (use Booksalefinder to find sales), auctions, and markets are all great local places to find books. Sometimes you can come across entire pallets of books for sale. In these moments, having your BookScouter app downloaded (iOS or Android) will help you quickly see if the books you find will be worthwhile.
Find books to resell anywhere.

You never know when you’ll stumble on a book to resell. Download the BookScouter App to look up the resell value no matter where you find your books.

  • Liquidation Opportunities. Two important sites to find mass volumes of books at discounted prices are  Govdeals and Liquidation; both are perfectly legit. When purchasing books from liquidation services, be sure to cross-reference for the value of the book(s) before you make the purchase. The risk with liquidation is that you may be purchasing by pallet or box, and not all titles (or any) will be listed. You may end up buying pallets of used books and getting a lot of useless stuff that you won’t be able to sell.
  • Book Arbitrage Sites. These three websites can help you quickly find books from Amazon’s database: ScoutIQ, Zen Arbitrage, and Scoutly. Book retail arbitrage is definitely easier with one of these apps, and ScoutIQ is worth trying.

Resources, Tips for Selling Books, and Best Reselling Sites

Now, for the best part: making money on reselling books!

To help you find the best rate for selling a book online, use the BookScouter ISBN lookup feature. It is the surest way to sell at the highest price immediately. We structured the lookup in such a way so that the best deal shows up first! You don’t have to search for the best price for hours.

Use BookScouter—Best Books to Sell for Profit

Curious about how to sell books on BookScouter? Check out this article.


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If you click on the caution sign, it shows a minimum amount required to sell to that specific vendor at this time.

You can use the same vendors to both find and buy textbooks as well as resell textbooks back! If you are connected to a college student group, consider reselling directly to your connections. You can also set up your own accounts on various platforms. These are merely suggestions, but honestly, using the BookScouter tool will help you sell at the best price every time.

Resell books from anywhere using

Work from home (or anywhere) as a book reseller.

Pro Tools for Reselling Books

BookScouter provides a number of additional resources for resellers who are serious about flipping books and making money on book sourcing. These tools have helped so many pro users gain profit faster.

  • Bulk Liquidation Tool: Remove your excess book inventory by looking up multiple ISBNs at one time and selling books at your desired prices.
  • Hot Flip Deals: View pricing information from our buy and sell vendors to identify the hottest book flipping deals.

  • Buyback Price History: Review the buyback price history for a given ISBN and identify seasonal pricing and trends. 
  • High Resale Value Books: Use BookScouter data to track popular ISBNs with high resale value, analyze book prices, and identify the best categories and titles.

Do you need these resources? Become a BookScouter Pro member for only $29.99 a month and gain access to all the Pro tools!

What You Need to Ship Books

Great resources like easyship and UPS provide tips on how to ship books inexpensively.

Using common-sense like making sure the books are clean and up to the quality expected by the buyer, all you really need are shipping items and a postal service!

Flipping textbooks is easy and there are great shipping options.

Shipping books is easy! You can factor shipping into part of the low overhead of running a book flipping business.

Here are a few items to have on hand, especially if you’re reselling books often:

  • Book shipping boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Clear plastic bag or bubble wrap
  • Other required packing materials

UPS, FedEx, and USPS are all great options for shipping your books. Don’t forget to grab the tracking number!

With these best resources in hand, you’ll be making great money flipping books!