Who is not eager to earn money and control finances? These free money apps are an essential toolkit that will assist you in budgeting, saving, reducing debt, and earning on things you have considered useless — effortlessly!

You can obviously put your savings to work through investing, but it is a whole different story we can cover later. These hustle-free money apps are a game-changer: you invest minimal effort that gives an incredible financial result. Learn how to control your finances without falling into common pitfalls, save and gain on books, increase your savings, and get the best shopping deals.

Mint: Control Finances

In two clicks, you connect all your accounts to this app and set up budget limits for each category you usually spend on. And then a miracle happens: all your spendings are classified, you get alerts for spending over your budget, and your credit score is monitored. You do spend less when keeping track of what’s going on in your wallet. And money not spent is money saved!

This app is available for free. You can also find similar tools with almost the same functionality (such as Clarity Money and Wally).

BookScouter: Earn on Books

Do you have a bunch of books dusting on your shelves? Or is your attic full of old textbooks from your college years? It is time to make books earn money for you by selling them via the BookScouter app. It is a book and textbook price comparison tool: scan the IBAN code or search for the title manually, and BookScouter will find the best vendor for selling your book. Complete the transaction on the vendor’s website and get your money! This way you can gain the best profit! 

The story doesn’t end here: there are two more ways to earn money with BookScouter. Invest your time to figure out when you can buy a textbook for cheap and then sell it for the double price — you’ll be surprised how much you can earn on the price difference! This app is also helpful during your walks through thrift stores. With the BookScouter app, you can check the price of any book in a second and see if you can get any profit from buying it now and reselling it through BookScouter. It is a real-world treasure hunt!

Available for iOS and Android

make money on used books by selling them with BookScouter
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Qapital: Increase Your Savings 

Imagine: every time you buy coffee, one dollar goes to your savings account. When you purchase something, the pay is rounded up to the nearest whole number, and your spare change goes to your savings. 

It’s not a miracle — it’s the functionality of Qapital. This money app offers the most effortless way to increase your savings. You can choose from one of the existing rules (the Round Up, Guilty Pleasure, and Spend Less rules), or make your own rules! Your money — your kingdom. 

Other perks include a possibility to set goals and save for them (and the app will visualize your progress) and a chance to set team financial goals. To use this app, you have to create an account with Qapital, so read through the conditions carefully.

Honey: Shop Online Smartly 

As we live in a world of online retail, this app is a must (you can also get Honey as a browser plugin). Whenever you’re shopping online, Honey finds the best available coupons to minimize your spendings. So there is no need to keep track of coupons and remember all the discount options  — these are always at hand. 

If you want to buy something but you’d rather wait for a discount, Honey can help you with this mission as well. Add that item to a droplist, and the app will tell you when the price has dropped or there is a juicy discount!

Checkout 51: Get the Best Supermarket Deals

Leave cutting out paper coupons to Extreme Couponing. Now, you can have all the deals on your phone if you download Checkout 51. You can check your favorite brands’ discounts and cashback deals on your way to or right at the supermarket! The app provides an easy way to get cashback for your every purchase.

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To sum up, these money apps will help you: 

  • create a budget and stick to it
  • control finances and prevent overspending
  • increase your savings by making regular contributions to your savings account
  • earn money on selling books
  • save money on buying things for the best available price

Dealing with your finances is not that shockingly hard as one might expect. Especially when you turn to these money apps. You can easily enjoy earning, spending, and saving when you do it smartly!