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If you have books collecting dust on your shelves, you can turn books into money by selling them online. Most places that buy used books require them to be in good condition. Some sites match you with individual buyers, and others match you with buyback vendors. Let’s explore those options and learn more about the places that buy books. 

Amazon and Chegg used to buy used textbooks and other books, but neither offers this option any longer. Instead, Chegg sends you to another brand to sell your books, and Amazon only allows you to sell books as an Amazon seller, which takes much more work and incurs many fees.

Fortunately, there are several excellent alternatives to Chegg and Amazon, where you can sell your books. And we’re happy not only to describe those alternatives but also to share tips on how to sell used books with maximum profit.

1. TextbookRush


TextbookRush will pay cash for your textbooks. They cover the shipping and pay you cash, store credit, or PayPal. To learn what you’d get paid, enter your books’ ISBNs in the search bar to see how much your books are worth. If you accept the offer, print your shipping label and send your books to the vendor.

According to TextbookRush, if you choose FedEx shipping and PayPal payment, you should have your money within one week. Just be sure you pack your books according to their directions to keep your books safe and to ensure you get paid.

2. BooksRun


Booksrun is another famous site to sell your textbooks. You need the book’s ISBN to determine how much you’ll earn. Enter it in the search bar and see how much they will pay you. If you choose to sell your books, add them to your ‘seller’s cart’ and print your prepaid shipping label. You must ship your book within five days of placing it in your seller’s cart.

After Booksrun receives your books and approves them, they’ll pay you via check or PayPal. See Booksrun reviews on BookScouter.

3. SellbackyourBook

sell back your book
buys textbooks and regular books, making it easy to make money on books you have to lie around the house. They buy almost any type of book you have, as long as they are in good condition.

Like on most sites on this list, simply enter the book’s ISBN in the search bar to see what they’ll pay. You’ll also disclose the book’s condition when entering the information. Sellbackyourbook will provide you with a quote, and you have seven days to accept it and ship the book to them.

Sellbackyourbook covers the shipping costs, and after they inspect the book, you’ll receive payment.

4. ValoreBooks


At ValoreBooks, you can sell back old textbooks you no longer need. It’s a great way to make money back on your books, having cash for the next semester’s books.

When you accept an offer, ValoreBooks sends you a prepaid label to ship the book. They’ll also track the book and estimate when you’ll receive payment. In addition to textbooks, you can also sell novels, non-fiction books, biographies, or any other type of book you have lying around. Here you can see ValoreBooks reviews on BookScouter.

5. Ziffit by World of Books


Ziffit is another free resource to sell your books. They have a free mobile app where you can instantly scan your books to see how much they’re worth, or you can enter the ISBN on their website.

If you accept their offer, you choose how you want to receive the funds. Next, you’ll pack the books and bring them to your local FedEx drop-off location. When they receive the book and inspect it, they’ll send payment via PayPal or direct deposit. See Ziffit reviews on

6. BookScouter


If you’re looking for the best place to sell your used books, BookScouter offers the most options. BookScouter is a price comparison engine and also one of the best book buyback sites. When you enter your book’s ISBN, it goes in front of 30+ vendors integrated with the platform.

You don’t have to wait for someone specifically to look for your book. The buyback vendors on Bookscouter buy many books at a time and update their price quotes daily. So you can check multiple offers for your book, choosing the one that will pay you the most.

All vendors are trustworthy websites checked by BookScouter, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. In addition, the site is transparent and contains reviews from sellers so you can see which vendors you want to deal with.


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Tips to Get the Most Out of Selling Your Books

  1. Keep your books from sitting too long; it’s especially actual for textbooks. When you’re done with a book, choose a site to sell it quickly. The newer the book is, the more money you’ll make for it because there will still be high demand.
  2. Look for the best deal. Sites like BookScouter give you quotes from real vendors (30+ buyback vendors), so you can compare offers and make the most money.
  3. Follow the book care tips to help your books stay in good condition. Protect your books while you use them, and keep them somewhere they won’t get damaged to make the most money while selling them back.
  4. Be honest about your book’s condition when you try to sell it. Pack the books securely. Don’t risk the books getting damaged during shipping; pack them with care.

Final Thoughts

Selling your books online is a great way to earn money from books you no longer need. Many sites offer options to sell your books to individual buyers, or you can sell them to buyback vendors and get cash with less headache.

The key is to sell your books in the best possible condition and to sell them as soon as you’re done reading them. It’s as simple as keeping an ISBN on BookScouter and seeing how much you will be paid, especially for college textbooks, which cost is rising rapidly. Act quickly on your offer, so it doesn’t expire, and enjoy the money you make selling used books!