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At ValoreBooks, our commitment is simple: to make it easy for savvy students like you to save money, make money, and get the most value out of your education. Whether you’re looking for a break from bookstore prices or ways to get extra cash by selling your used stuff, we’ve got you covered! Why choose us over the competition? Because our unique marketplace model and dedicated customer support team mean you get the best prices, better value, and more choices - 100% risk free.

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Oct 2016 I sold 4 books to ValoreBooks. The website was friendly and easy to use, they gave me the best prices on those books, and the payment process was clear and simple. I chose to be paid via check, and the check got to me within 2 weeks of my sending the books. I did not have any problems and I found the process simple and stress free.
Sep 2016 I ordered an anatomy book. I was sent an e-mail saying it was shipped. I waited the suggested 15 days to check on it. I was then told it was out of stock. I went weeks without a book and ended up ordering it from a reputable company.
ValoreBooks Response: Our apologies that your seller was not able to confirm and ship your order to you. Unfortunately, the volume of orders coming in means the website might update with the correct inventory numbers after an order is already placed. Our sellers try their best to cancel the order right away so that the transaction reverses and the customer has the time to purchase the item they need from another seller. ValoreBooks would like to apologize again for this inconvenience. Please contact us through our support page or directly at customerservice@valore.com so that we can assist you further!
Aug 2016 I ordered 8 of my school books from Valore and all of my orders were cancelled except for three. Why would I use a site that can only deliver 38% of the books I need? My time was wasted and I spent time waiting for these textbooks when I could've bought them elsewhere and had them when I needed them. Valore should work with its vendors better so it doesn't inconvenience its customers. Very unsatisfied.
Aug 2016 100% reliable. I used Valore for 4 yrs and still using. All my buybacks are paid. I may get my books rejected but Valore always gives me a chance to get my book back. Customer service is one of the best and promptly address my concerns. thank you
Aug 2016 This was my first time selling books online. I was very pleased with the service. I am satisfied with the payment, I was sent check for exact amount we had agreed on. I am going to use them from now on unless there is a reason not to.
Jun 2016 Thank you!
Jun 2016 I've sent two books to Valore for sellback, including a new, unused book, and both were rejected without any explanation why. I asked for it to be shipped back to me, which they did, but only after adding a large, impossible to remove sticker that will lower the possibility of this book being sold to any other retailer. Do not sell your textbooks to Valore!
ValoreBooks Response: Hello. We apologize to hear that your item was not accepted for purchase by the buyer. Unfortunately, the condition of your item did not meet the standards upon arrival. When this occurs, the customer is sent an email automatically informing of the current status of the book and allowing the customer time to request their unaccepted item be returned at no additional charge. Allowing for processing and transit delays, the item will deliver back to the customer within 30 days. At any point during that time, a customer may request the tracking information attached for that return. Again we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.
Jun 2016 Every shipment is a problem with Valore. Never get paid what they quote. I have had to contact them multiple times on multiple shipments. Not worth the aggravation.
ValoreBooks Response: Our apologies for the inconvenience! ValoreBooks provide prepaid labels for sellback orders so that customer can easily send in their shipments for evaluation. The criteria by which each item is evaluated is set by the potential buyer of that item. They have the final say in whether they wish to purchase an item or not. If the item is not accepted, the customer is sent an email automatically informing of the current status of the book and allowing the customer time to request their unaccepted item be returned at no additional charge. Allowing for processing and transit delays, the item will deliver back to the customer within 30 days. At any point during that time, a customer may request the tracking information attached for that return. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

May 2016 I have had lots of issues with them in the past and was not going to use them again; but gave them one more 'chance'. They rejected the book saying it had "SPILL DAMAGE" while my notes indicated VG condition. There are many other top-notch companies out there and this one is not worth dealing with.
ValoreBooks Response: Hello. We apologize to hear that your item was not accepted for purchase by the buyer. Unfortunately, the criteria by which your items are evaluated are set by each potential buyer. They have the final say in whether they wish to purchase an item or not. If the item is not accepted, the customer is sent an email automatically informing of the current status of the book and allowing the customer time to request their unaccepted item be returned at no additional charge. Allowing for processing and transit delays, the item will deliver back to the customer within 30 days. At any point during that time, a customer may request the tracking information attached for that return. Again we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.
Feb 2016 The textbook was bent in half. The inside pages are falling out at the binding. It took longer for book to get here when I paid for expedited shipping.
Feb 2016 After a delivery problem, it took several calls and a few email exchanges, but in the end, Valore provided an acceptable solution to the problem.
Feb 2016 After 14 days of ordering the book, I called customer care #-more than three times. Everytime I got the same reply that they don't know when I will get the book. Moreover, they didn't had the tracking number for my order. They were not sure if my book is been shipped or not, so one of the customer representative ask me to cancel the order instead of inquiring about it. I told him "after waiting this long I don't want to cancel my order; I just need my book as soon as possible"... It's a shame, they didn't care about it.
I will never use this website again, because I received the book after 20 days of ordering it when the website says within 4 to 14 days dilivery.
Feb 2016 I love to sell my books with them, they are great, fast payment, excellent customer service. Thanks
Jan 2016 I accidentally added an extra book that I didn't need to my order. I contacted customer service immediately after I noticed (within half hour time frame). They told me they couldn't cancel that part of my order and refund me there, but rather I had to wait a week for the book to come in PAY the shipping back to them and then wait another week for my refund. In this process I received rude and patronizing responses from their team. I will never order from this company again.
ValoreBooks Response: I'm sorry to hear your cancellation experience was not successful. Unfortunately, because we are a marketplace and the items you ordered would not be shipped by us, we cannot pull items from the shipment queue on your behalf. For this reason, we ask our customers to contact the shipper directly. I would be happy to personally review this information with you. Please contact us at customerservice@valore.com "Attn: BookScouter Review [Insert Order Number]." I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Jan 2016 Had grate experience with this company. My check have not arrived before I moved out from my old house so they sent me replacement check to the new address. Responded to my email the same day. I was impressed.
Dec 2015 They've really been on their game lately. They've been paying out quickly and processing pretty much everything correctly. I had one issue but they resolved it really fast. Valore used to be terrible and would accidentally not pay you for a lot of books, or reduced your quotes without warning, but whatever was wrong with them has obviously been fixed.
Nov 2015 I bought an access code that was listed as new. It was shipped to me opened and used. This was from the seller campusbookstore . They refused to refund my money. Basically sold me an expensive useless piece of paper. I do not reccomend.
ValoreBooks Response: Our sincere apologies on behalf of your seller for the inconvenience this has caused you! We would certainly like to assist you with this matter. To do so, we will need a bit more information. Please contact our customer service team by submitting a ticket through the support page on our main website, or by sending a quick email to customerservice@valore.com.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Oct 2015 I received my first text book I ordered in just 3days. The second took over a week. Both were used but in great condition. I couldn't be more happy about my order.
Sep 2015 Book took such a long time to arrive at their warehouse, that I figured I'd been scammed. But when it did arrive, they emailed+texted me and informed me that it had arrived. Then soon thereafter, they sent me my payment via PayPal. No scam this time, at least.
Sep 2015 I never received the book I ordered. I notified Valore after waiting the required time and they looked into the matter. Because I paid with PayPal, I received an immediate refund.
I have given them 4* because I feel that sellers need to be investigated more fully.
Sep 2015 Sent in 2 books, had no problem with getting paid. Only complaint would be with the mail in process. Though they said that I can drop my package with the Smart Post label they provided off any FedEx drop box, FedEx Express drop box service didn't really know what to do with Smart Post. I had to call FedEx a few times to locate my package. Gosh, I thought I lost my books! And I couldn't really track my package with the tracking number Valore's system provided. I would suggest sellers to drop their packages off at USPS offices, and track it with the tracking number provided on the Smart Post label.
Aug 2015 Very slow in paying and then decided not to pay me for 2 of the books they accepted. I would suggest that you not use this company.
Aug 2015 I sent in around 30 books to Valore over the past year, got paid the full price for most of them, but did NOT get paid for five *very* expensive books. When I tried to contact them about the issue (multiple times) with all the details, my confirmation numbers, tracking numbers, etc, they were not in the least bit helpful and never resolved the issue. Thus, I lost almost $1,000 because of them and will never recommend them again.
May 2015 I have used Valorebooks a few times now over the past year, and I have had absolutely no problems with them, the instructions were clear and easy to understand, I got paid in a timely manner. I will continue to use them and would recommend them to anyone who needs to sell a book.
May 2015 I was hesitant like others were because of the array of bad reviews. ValoreBooks offered $20 more than any other site, so I decided to take a chance. It took about a week for them to process the book and accept it. But I received the money in my PayPal account not even 24 hours after the book's acceptance. No problems at all. I would definitely use ValoreBooks again.
May 2015 I was concerned about the bad reviews but I had a great experience with Valore Books and will use them again for sell back and future purchases.
May 2015 I have used Valore once a few months ago, only because I was feeling out all the sites. Their overall process from start to finish was a little slow, mainly because it took 3,4 days after my books were there for them to issue my payment, and only after an inquiry email about the transaction. Paid what I was quoted, but probably will keep using another site...
Apr 2015 I had a great experience selling 2 books here. I ended getting the full amount quoted from shipping the book to receiving the check within 2 weeks.
Apr 2015 I've had no problems with this company. They pay the highest prices most of the time and payment is relatively quick. For the lamebrains leaving negative feedback because they're not getting paid for books, there's a reason for it! Read the guidelines!
Apr 2015 So I saw a lot of bad reviews on this place but decided to send my book in anyways. It was worth a lot more than any other places. I saw some people only got partial payment, but even so, partial payment would still be higher than the lower amounts from other sites. I got full payment within 3 days of them receiving the book and am very happy
Apr 2015 Great transaction, received full payment in 11 days, unfortunately they are very inconsistent, if you mail around Christmas time you can plan on waiting months, they just don't hire the extra help when needed.
Feb 2015 Valorebooks.com is the worst book buyback company that I have encountered. Because this company has not paid me for 2 books which they've received almost 3 months ago. I have contacted the customer service but they always say sorry we are still waiting for our vendor to respond if my books were sold. They would not even return the books that they took from me if they could not pay me. Those books I sold them are new and almost new condition. Do yourself a favor this company is not very honest.
Feb 2015 Very good service and quality. Pleased with my experience. Highly reccomend doing business with this company.
Feb 2015 Never had a problem. Sometimes a little slower then other vendors due to smartpost taking a while to get there.
Feb 2015 I've used ValoreBooks for several semesters and have had few problems. They have the cheapest books that I need for school most often. Fairly cheap shipping if you choose the slowest option, which still arrives in about a week. The only issue I had came about when a rental I returned never made it to the warehouse. This is why you should keep receipts. I was upset, thinking I would be forced to pay $100+ for a textbook I no longer had, but customer service waived the fee for me! They were really nice about it, and I only had to pay $20 in late fees (my fault by not contacting them sooner). I have sold back 2 books to them, and they took them without any hassle and gave me the best deal I could find online. I will definitely use Valore in the future!
Feb 2015 I sent Valore seven textbooks because they offered the best price. I wished they had a phone number listed on their website; but I did not need to call them.
Anyway, they accepted six of the books and paid the value they cited. One book they said had excessive marks and they refused. They also were extremely fast in accepting them. I mailed them on 1/31 and they responded on 2/3 accepting the books with the price they cited. I received the check the following week.
With my experience I will definitely use them again.
Feb 2015 I have used Valore a few times and have not had any problems with selling them books. Thank you for your business!!
Feb 2015 This was a flawless transaction. Fedex picked up at my door 1/29/15, arrived at destination 2/3/15, processed and approved 2/3/15, paid 2/9/15. Valorebooks paid me the full amount for my book, and I'm completely satisfied. Thank you for following through with your quoted price.
Feb 2015 Very difficult to work with. They will pay part of a sale and then pay the rest when you e-mail them about it.
Jan 2015 Viewing my past sellback orders isn't as easy as with other sites. You have to know your order number or have them email it to you rather than just logging in and viewing your history. Hence 4 stars instead of 5. I've also sold only 2 books to them in 2 different shipments. Both times Valore was paying a huge amount more than other companies. Once was around $56 while other places were paying at most $8 and another was for $27 while other places were paying around $6. Got full amount both times, but I choose other other places given the multitude of bad reviews unless Valore is paying significantly higher.
Jan 2015 Sold 6 books back to Valore and received a quote of $423 for all. Sent them out 12/31 and it took them until January 20th to update the status to "received". Was sent an e-mail stating that one book was rejected due to being an Instructors Edition, which is false. I e-mailed them and called their 800 number and told them the same thing to only be told that they do not go back and double check, if we have a problem then the book will be sent back within 45 days from receipt. I believe they do this so they do not have to shell out the money they promise. Just received my money today ( nearly one month afterwards) and it's 10 dollars less than what I should have received MINUS the additional fee for book that is being sent back. They refuse to tell me why by saying "They cannot discuss the details.".
Jan 2015 Valore is a front for a company called College Marketplace, Inc. As of 2012, CMI operates as a subsidiary of SimpleTuition,Inc. I found a contact number that I believe is for CMI: 888-825-6731. This is clearly a shady business practice that is going down. I'm going to try and go up the ladder.
Jan 2015 kept my books for resale, but wouldn't pay. Avoid at all costs, there are plenty of good companies to sell back to.
Jan 2015 Do not use ValoreBooks. They are a scam and thieves. I spoke with a man named John who was rude and generic to say the least. He was very unhelpful just like the rest of their customer service staff that I spoke too. If you want to talk to someone else within the company they will not do it, also they have no supervisors (or at least that is what John said). This company is a joke! All they are after is your money. This was my first and last time using this company. If you are thinking about using ValoreBooks, I would highly advise you not to.
Jan 2015 Send like new condition books to them on time. They only paid half of their listed prices.
Dec 2014 Sent my book in and it was a brand new book. Never opened it and it was in excellent condition. Unfortunately, I did not know I had the teacher's edition and they cancelled my order. Now, I am waiting 45 days to get my book back.... Now I can't sell the book for the Spring semester! Called the company to speak with a supervisor and they refused to! Worst company ever!
Dec 2014 DO NOT order from this sight. Bad costumer service would be better than NONE! Was issued a late fee even though I returned my book the day it was supposed to be postmarked. I contacted them and have not gotten a reply however I have got more emails about my book being late. I have the recipe from the post office that I returned it the day it was due! Save yourself the hassle and order elsewhere !
Dec 2014 My transaction went fine. I was very wary due to other feedback but my experience was good and I will probably try them again.
Dec 2014 I sent a Calculus textbook that was worth 95.00, and they sent me an email saying that I sent them the wrong book. That is NOT true. The ISBN number and the textbook matches what I sold them. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and they are investigating this. Unfortunately, ValoreBooks cheats students and is a horribly run website. The only way that you can contact them is through email and they are avoiding me right now. Don't waste your time with this site. They will ROB you. If you don't have a choice, make sure that you have the Better Business Bureau on speed dial.
Dec 2014 I sent in a book that was in fairly good condition and it was packaged fine but it was rejected for binding damage. I contacted them to send back the book, because they do not state whether they send the book back. They still have not replied and judging by what others have experienced, I do not have high hopes. I don't recommend using the ValoreBooks buyback. So far Amazon is your best bet if you want good service (from my experience).
Dec 2014 My "like new" textbook worth $85 was sold to them in November and they received it 11/24. I have yet to get an update from them other than "please give us 7 business days to look into this". I've gotten this email 3 times already. Be very careful selling to this company. I have had much success with other companies. This is by far the worst.
Dec 2014 I would avoid this company. They have poor communication for starters. Additionally, they claimed a book I sold back was an instructor's edition when the ISBN was that of a standard. Upon contacting them, they said my book would be returned from their vendor within 45 business days. That is also not true. With so many other options out there, Valore isn't worth the risk.
Dec 2014 Sold 2 books so far and Valore was quick with a response. Will be doing more business with them I am sure.
Dec 2014 Had a good transaction. Was paid exactly as quoted. Other than the Postal Service taking 12 days to deliver the package, things went OK. They received package on 12/8, money was deposited into PayPal on 12/15. Would most likely use again.
Dec 2014 They were absolutely horrible. I sent back books that totaled 204 dollars. They then sent me an email when they received them and told me they do not accept teacher editions. 1. They were not teacher editions 2. They were in perfect condition I do not even write in my books and 3. They kept sending me generic emails when I demanded they reevaluate my books because they are not teacher editions and they quoted me for that ISBN number. They told me if they send them back it will take up to 45 days. I have no interest in every doing business with them again. They are doing a bait and switch on students just trying to make money back on there books. Go through a more reputable trade in website like chegg. I was selfish and wanted the extra 10 dollars they offered me and now I am regretting it because of this horrible situation. DO NOT USE VALORE BOOKS!
Dec 2014 I've used them several times and I was paid exactly as quoted for each shipment!