Ziffit by World of Books

Ziffit by World of Books

Ziffit is a really quick and easy way to trade in your used and unwanted books. Make some extra cash and fast by scanning your books with our app or entering the barcodes on our website for an instant price. Box them, drop them off at FedEx and we’ll do the rest. Couldn’t be easier.

Payment Methods

  • ACH
  • PayPal

Shipping Features

  • Pays Shipping
  • Provides Shipping Label
  • Ships with FedEx

Ziffit by World of Books Reviews

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Mar 14, 2023

Comment: They don't accept books that are in brand new condition. Drivers don't show up for collections. Have to chase them for collections. Customer service is VERY RUDE and unhelpful. I gave them multiple changes and they were very difficult to deal with each time. Do not recommend this company.

Mar 12, 2023

Comment: Actually pretty great. Wish they might pay a wee bit more for the titles I own but seemingly honest and pretty quick with payment. Having dealt with 10 vendors on Bookscouter (as well as two others not listed), I have been quite happy with Ziffit regarding the 28 or so shipments I have sent. This is over the time period from mid 2021 to March 2023 to date. Any minor issues have had a prompt response from customer service and resolved. I have learned from unhappy experience with another vendor prominent on Bookscouter, to ALWAYS photograph the book covers AND ISBN codes prior to packing. They have an extremely nasty habit of downgrading even new books. This way if there is an error on the vendor end, you have some kind of proof to show that it was the correct ISBN and (at least the covers) show quality of the book. Won't share the company name, but they a human cartoon logo that reminds one of the kid that always got Melvins in school. All said I intend to continue selling to Ziffit so long as they keep up the current standards.

Sep 27, 2022


Mar 18, 2022

Comment: DO NOT use this vendor!! I read reviews prior to using them and saw a review that said that they rejected someone's book that was in good condition and did not return their book and thought maybe it was just one person's bad experience. I sent them 9 books. Most of the books they only gave me 50 cents to a $1.50 for. I was willing to sell them to them anyway because I had one book that was worth $70 (by several company's quotes) and they would take most of my books. I should have received $90. They claimed my book that I used for one semester and had bought online for $84 in good used condition was not resalable. They only gave me $20 for the remaining books. The same day I received the rejection notice, I sent in a request to have it returned to me and even offered to send a postage paid label for return. They claimed to have already recycled it. I am absolutely sure they are selling my book and essentially have stolen from me!

Mar 16, 2022

Comment: I had used Ziffit with much success in 2019, so when I decided to "declutter" my bookcases, turned to them again in 2022. I sent one box to them in January then decided to read their reviews. At that point they were not great, so I put off sending them another box. Ended up being fully paid paid without incident so resumed using their service. Here are my results over 3 boxes sent: Mailed 1/17 paid 1/31, mailed 2/7, paid 2/15, mailed 3/2 paid 3/11. In all cases I mailed the box within 1-2 days of creating the order. I also made sure my books were in decent condition. I was 100% paid for all 3 shipments. You can definitely use this vendor with confidence!

Feb 28, 2022

Comment: They devalue books, not giving any money for one of my books and not returning it. When inquiring to even get my book returned, you got it- no answer. Low value to begin with. Will not be using again.

Feb 28, 2022

Comment: Ziffit is by far my favorite vendor when I’m selling books. Their instructions are clear and they provide their free labels quickly. They’ve answered within the day whenever I’ve had a question. In my experience, they also process and provide payment more quickly than other vendors. I highly recommend them.

Feb 28, 2022

Comment: Great service . Used it twice. I will use it again.

Feb 20, 2022

Comment: Amazing could not be happier wish they were a little faster with payment but e z p z

Feb 19, 2022

Comment: They rejected a book which I felt was in VG condition. I have contacted them 3 times to find out what the problem was and they have not responded.:(

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