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Jules is a published writer with a love of copy editing. She knows how to write polished prose, add pizzazz, and place an Oxford comma. Additionally, she has worked professionally as a writer, social media marketer, and an online content creator.

Top 10 Best Side Hustles for College Students

Personal finance By March 2, 2023 Last Updated on March 6, 2023 by Olivia Smith Tags: , No Comments

10 Best Side Hustles for College Students

You go to college to get an education, and a jump start on your career in hopes that your degree will help you earn a healthy salary in the future. Unfortunately, college is not cheap. Between a rigorous class schedule and trying to maintain your social life, your bank account balance may suffer.

Fortunately, there are several side hustles to do in college. You may not be able to work a full-time job amidst 18 credit hours, but there are ways to earn cash to help you pay your rent or tuition on time, such as online jobs for college students or side hustles. In both ways, remember to prepare your college student’s resume.

2022 National Book Awards Winners

All about books By December 9, 2022 Last Updated on December 9, 2022 by Olivia Smith Tags: , , No Comments

Each year, writers and book lovers alike look forward to the unveiling of the National Book Awards winners, presented by the National Book Foundation.

This year was no different, as 2022 was a big year for books. The award finalists were revealed in October—five finalists in each category—before the winners were announced in a live awards ceremony on November 16, hosted by New York Times bestselling author and producer of Hulu’s celebrated docuseries Taste the Nation, Padma Lakshmi.

What Type of Books Are Best to Resell?

Book arbitrage By November 28, 2022 Last Updated on November 30, 2022 by Olivia Smith Tags: , No Comments

If you’re anything like us, you have a pile of books sitting around at home—both read and unread—and have found yourself wondering, “Could these be worth anything?”

Depending on what’s on your bookshelf, the answer may be yes! Though not all books are worth the time and effort it takes to resell them, some types of books can earn you a pretty penny.

According to market data from top used booksellers and reselling marketplaces like Amazon, these are the best books to resell—some of them may surprise you!

The Top 5 Best Paying Jobs in Major Banks

Career planning By October 20, 2022 Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by Olivia Smith Tags: , , , No Comments

It makes sense that the finance industry is widely known for offering high salaries—after all, the professionals dealing with large amounts of money should be well compensated for their work! Unfortunately, this is not always the reality for those working in entry-level banking positions.

That being said, there are a number of extremely lucrative roles in the banking field. Securing one of the best-paying jobs in major banks requires a bit of planning, as many of these positions require additional schooling or training. 

Follow along to learn more about the five best-paying jobs in major banks; from salaries, educational requirements, and more.

What are the “Big Five” Publishing Houses?

All about books By July 17, 2022 Last Updated on January 10, 2023 by Olivia Smith Tags: , , No Comments

Like many industries, book publishing is dominated by a small number of companies, known as the “Big Five” publishing houses. These five publishers hold the lion’s share in the book manufacturing and selling industry and with so many resources at their disposal, they have the ability to make or break a book release. Despite churning out an innumerable number of releases each year, many writers find it difficult to make connections with these big five publishing houses, resulting in more and more authors deciding to self-publish instead.


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