25 Websites to Get Help with Your Homework

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25 websites to get help with your homework

Homework is stressful. Students often have difficulty understanding the material and are not able to complete assignments on time. Modern technology can help. Many different websites offer online homework and study aids to ensure students gain the confidence they need to learn and succeed. Most websites have professional online tutors to help students in a variety of subjects.


10 Most Searched History Books on BookScouter in 2021

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Reading books is a good habit that enriches the mind and improves mental health. But unlike other books, reading history from textbooks is a different feeling altogether. Among other things, it provides a reader with a deep insight into the events that occurred in the past.

Textbooks on archaeology, the Hundred Years’ War, Atlas Obscura, and others have great significance for learners. These books are currently in high demand among students who learn World and US History.


10 Most Searched Sociology Books on BookScouter in 2021

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Whilst reading academic material isn’t always the most exciting activity, it is sometimes necessary, especially if you are a college student, with an upcoming exam, or conducting research to complete essays and papers for your course.

We’ve rounded up the 10 most popular sociology textbooks amongst US students so far this year, chosen for how often they’ve been searched on BookScouter. We also included digital textbooks in our list. We’ve eliminated copies and outdated editions; access card lookups stats were also properly processed.


Launched: Buyback Price Alerts

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You can now get email notifications when the price hits your desired threshold for any of the 200.000+ books listed on BookScouter.com. We give you Buyback Price Alerts.

Introducing Buyback Price Alerts

Here at BookScouter.com, we believe that everyone should have access to the best buyback price, but how do you know when that price is just right? Whether you’re looking to get some cash for your college books or sell books on a regular basis, we’ve launched Buyback Price Alerts to help you get more bang for your buck.


All You Need to Know about Instructor Edition Textbooks: Buying, Using, and Selling

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You’ve definitely encountered phrases like “Instructor Edition Textbooks” or “Teacher’s Edition Textbooks” when hunting for affordable books for college. Let’s figure out what this whole thing is about and answer the most pressing questions: are these kinds of faculty textbooks the same? Is selling instructor edition textbooks illegal? Do instructor edition textbooks have content identical to student editions? 


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