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Top 7 Websites to Rent Books in 2022

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Getting a new book is always a pleasure; getting a used book is a pleasure nonetheless. However, if you like to read a lot or if you are a student starting a new semester, you may consider another option—renting. Why is it a good idea? If you need a book that you don’t plan to keep in your home library or if you need textbooks that you definitely won’t be needing ever again, renting them is a solution. For one thing, it’s cheaper than buying; for another, you can use rented books and textbooks for a period of time you need—it’s an ideal option for a semester. In this article, we’ve prepared a list of the best online resources where you can rent books and textbooks in 2022.

10 Most Searched Algebra Textbooks in 2022

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Most of us do not remember algebra too fondly and have probably asked ourselves at one time or another, ‘When will I ever need math – or algebra – for anyway?’ The truth is that, that quadratic formula and those integrals we were all forced to memorise in high school go beyond tests and interminable exercises. Algebra is an essential aspect of many fields and industries including science, business, engineering, and computer science.

The Best #BookTok Romance Book Review: Nick and Charlie by Alice Oseman

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booktok nick and charlie

Here is the review of the “Nick and Charlie” book BookTok is currently obsessed with. The book pretends to be the best #BookTok Romance book.
The content is provided by M.M. Hattab, one of the BookScouter blog contributors.

Though Alice Oseman’s latest novella is the very definition of ‘fan-service’ in many ways and may not satisfy non-fans as a stand-alone work, it still has enough weight to get a very much not-teenage and extremely cynical reader invested in its central teenage couple and their future.

A Comparative Overview of Inventory Management Systems for Booksellers

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Is it important to have good bookseller software? When you are just at the starting point of any retail business, inventory management may not seem so complicated. However, as your business scales and the inventory amount increases, it will become harder and harder to manage everything. 

Inventory management systems help booksellers sell their books on marketplaces and manage inventory fast and efficiently. They track the number of items you have overall (in your warehouse shelves or other retailers and distributors); they keep the prices updated, help avoid overstocking and understocking, take care of shipping and delivery, etc. All in all, book inventory software for booksellers provides total control over your inventory and helps make wiser purchasing and selling decisions.

Top 10 Best Comic Books of All Time

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*This content provided by a guest author reflects their own opinion.

Just like in music, in movies, or in video games, the taste in comics is subjective; everyone has their own tastes, so it is hard to define which comic is the best comic book ever. Comics have been with us for a long time. Since its beginning, comic books have been one of the driving forces in the entertainment industry. Nowadays, the comic fan base is getting older, and it’s hard to find new young comic fans; some people went in other directions and others continued to read comics. That would be borderline impossible to find a single person who has read all the comics in existence, but the world is such a big place, so, in this case, let’s say that is just near impossible.

Top 20 Funniest Bookworm Memes

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What can compare to being overwhelmed by a good book? Maybe, just one thing — a good book meme! Everyone adores hilarious stories placed into a bright image with funny captions. BookScouter is not an exception. We fully agree with the saying that “laughter is the best medicine” because humor can liven up any atmosphere, take the edge off, and relieve nervous and emotional tension. And a meme is something that can help you obtain this necessary dose of laughter. That’s why we’ve rummaged through the Internet and compiled a collection of the funniest bookworm memes you definitely can relate to. Put down your book, and immerse yourself into the bookish world of humor. Spoiler alert: these book-related memes will have you in stitches.


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