It’s a wrap time of the year! Giving an attractively wrapped book this holiday season doesn’t have to be costly. With a little extra ingenuity and a few items you might have around the house you can put a personal touch on a gift to make it more meaningful. And luckily, books are one of the easier items to gift wrap! Here are our five tips on how to wrap a book, save money, and make an impression!

1. Use Recycled Paper to Gift Wrap a Book

Choose a plain brown or white paper then you can stamp, string design, twine, or glue pompoms. Try newspapers, magazines, old maps, or recycled books to wrap a book as seen in this creative blog by JaneMeans.

2. Decorate Creatively

Wondering how to wrap a book and still stand out? Decorate the exterior with an ornament, greenery, pinecone, paper snowflake or feather, a vintage postcard, or old family photo.  Or attach a favorite sweet like a candy cane or a box of candy. You could cut illustrations from discarded children’s books to decorate or make colorful gift tags like the example on this blog at BookRiot

3. Give Hints to the Book Content

Give hints to the book’s interior with cookie cutters, art brushes, a magnifying glass, or a garden tool. This is the most unique way to gift wrap a book.

4. Reuse Old Textiles for Gift Wrapping

Recycle and use parts of old clothes, a dishtowel, or a blanket as a unique wrapping idea from blogger Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

5. Ribbons Are Never Too Much

And finally, consider topping it off with a beautiful bow or ribbon. Blogger Rosemary Thyme suggests stocking up during sales at craft stores, home goods stores, or even a dollar store. Steeper discounts on ribbons are after Christmas for you to use next season.

But remember, no matter how you gift wrap a book, it’s the thought that counts. Use BookScouter to find the BEST prices to buy books for your friends and family. 

Happy Holidays!