semester break

You finished your last exam.  Close your books, and look forward to a well-earned semester break from college. Before you think you’ve got nothing to do but binge-watch all the shows you missed, you might want to consider these six activities for your “summester break” to make your next term go smoothly!

HEAD START: Buy Textbooks for The Coming Term

Buy textbooks now that you are sure you’re going to need and get a head start on that reading. Getting your college books earlier will be eventually much cheaper!

It may feel tough to browse through your textbooks and read them on your break, but your future self will thank you. And is the best place to find the lowest prices on those textbooks with our search tool that does all the work for you.


Update your resume. It’s easier now while notable highlights from your semester are still top of mind. Plus you’ll have it ready to hand in to any potential employer — there will be many opportunities for this.

MAKE A DATE: Organize Your Calendar

Plan your calendar for the next semester noting any travel, deadlines for summer events, and any exams or paper due dates to begin to see any conflicts you may have. Don’t forget to keep looking for scholarships — they’re not just for freshmen. Have a look at the BookScouter textbook scholarships for college students: $500 you can use towards buying textbooks for the new term!


Look for volunteer opportunities. You might need service hours for school or scholarships, or you just might want to give some of your time. No matter your motivation, service hours are always beneficial and could lead to other opportunities (hint: internships)! Get started with Volunteer Match for opportunities in your area.

NET WORTH: Find a summer job

Find seasonal work and make a few bucks for things you will need during the upcoming semester — have a look at the article below listing potential summer and online jobs fit for college students. This may also give you an advantage in finding work next summer.

Legit Ways to Make Money Online as a Side Hustle


Continue to eat well, exercise, and get a proper amount of sleep. You’ll not only feel better but you’ll keep your immune system working at its best.

Do something fun to reward yourself: watch a movie, pick a book you want to read, get takeout from a favorite restaurant. Don’t be a Scrooge, it is your break after all!

We hope you’ll use your time off wisely and have a productive and fulfilling semester break!