how to declutter your room

Is there any part of your home as important as the bedroom? It’s the most used room and serves as a “home within the home”. So, it’s important to ensure a clean, tidy, and clutter-free bedroom. Not only is it very important, but it’s also the room you spend the most time in.

Imagine waking up, and the first you do is kick a box of stuff. Or right beside you on the bed lie pieces of clothing? Yeah, no one wants that. The other issue with a cluttered room is how it makes the bedroom space look smaller than it truly is.

However, there are simple tips for decluttering your room. From clearing out old books to rearranging the furniture, here’s how to declutter your room in 15 steps.

15 Cool Steps To Decluttering Your Room

1. Start With A Proper Clear Out

Firstly, declutter and organize your space! You’ll want to clear out your room to get the decluttering process started. Consider getting rid of those items you don’t use anymore or items that shouldn’t be in a bedroom in the first place. For instance, you can stack up old toys and books and store them in the attic or just sell used books and other items you no longer need on reselling platforms. Here’s a quick guide on what to do with unwanted gifts.

Also, since your bedroom is a place of relaxation, you’ll need to make it conducive by being as minimalistic as possible with items in the room.

2. Reconsider Your Furniture Arrangement

Another source of clutter is the presence of bulky furniture. Regardless of their purposes, having too many pieces of furniture in the room leads to reduced bedroom space. This makes it hard to navigate your bedroom while also providing a hub for more clutter.

A simple alternative is to use multi-purpose furniture for your bedroom. For instance, you can get a mini box that doubles as a seat. Also, consider replacing your nightstand with a wall lamp to make room for more floor space.

3. Rearrange Your Display Items

Your bedroom always looks better when it’s well arranged, but at the same time, it’s important not to lose sight of the aesthetic side of things. In essence, you need to find a balance between clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing rooms.

A good way to achieve this is by reducing the number of display items on your nightstand or reading table. Instead of a cluster of little items, opt for fewer but bigger items i.e. a flower vase and family frame.

4. Group Belongings

Still, on the topic of arranging display items, it’s important to group your personal belongings in a neat but easy-to-find manner. If you want to know how to declutter your room, you need to know how to group items with similar purposes.

Grouping belongings is also important for easy access. It wouldn’t make sense if you arranged your bedroom and still went out late because you were stuck looking for, let’s say cuff links. A great tip for decluttering is to group items in odd numbers to create a more aesthetic appeal.

5. Incorporate Different Forms of Storage

If you just happen to be blessed with a ton of essential items, then you need to think differently about how you store them. A great idea is to incorporate other methods of storing your personal belongings. It’s a great step for maintaining a neat room while ensuring functionality.

For example, you can get chic baskets, small boxes, and containers to hold nifty items like jewelry, socks, keys, and all kinds of mini items. Finding a stackable design is also a practical way to keep a clutter-free bedroom.

6. Closet Clear-Out

Okay, time to head to the closet. Most times, we fall guilty to throwing clothes and items into the closet only to forget about them for months. That’s why the closet is usually the most cluttered part of any bedroom.

So you’re going to start by folding and stacking clothes to make room. Also, you should get cloth hangers to save more horizontal space. You’d be surprised by how much closet space you can save just by sorting and arranging the contents.

7. Get Rid Of Old And Used Books

What’s a cluttered room without a bunch of books lying around? Used and worn-out books are usually space eaters, and clearing them out is essential for restoring lost bedroom space. Check out our guide on how to declutter books.

Try getting rid of books you don’t need anymore by selling them or giving them away. You can try online platforms that offer book buyback price comparisons so you know whether your books have resale value and what all your books are worth. An example of such a site is which collects data from multiple sources to give the best possible offer for a used book. If some of your books are in bad shape or are outdated with no value at all, it’s probably time to recycle them.

8. Make Use of the Space Under Your Bed

It’s no debate that beds are the biggest space eaters of any bedroom. But what most people don’t realize is that your bed also offers another form of space for storing items. In cases where you have items you seldom use but can’t get rid of, simply keep them in boxes to store under the bed.

This “under-the-bed” space is a game-changer for decluttering your room because not only do you get extra storage but your room gets that minimalistic look. After all, the items going under the bed are also going out of sight.

9. Clear Your Bedroom Floors

We all have our lazy days when we’re guilty of dumping items on the floor. However, if you know how to declutter your room, you know how important it is to keep the bedroom floor neat.

Therefore, avoid leaving items such as school supplies, clothes, or shoes on the floor. One huge difference this makes is that it makes the bedroom floor look bigger. At least now you won’t go around kicking Legos all over the place.

10. Take Advantage of Open Shelving

Another trick to effective decluttering is to adopt open-plan closets or floating shelves. Having shelves hang on the wall saves a ton of space in your bedroom. Also, for better results, you should hang these open shelves higher up the walls.

That’s because the higher the shelves, the bigger the floor space looks. Hanging them close to the floor makes the bedroom look more compact. Open shelves are also economical so that’s a plus to the tidiness they offer.

11. Use Lidded Storage

A cluttered room can also result from having several forms of storage in the room. Also, if those different storages are open, it creates the illusion of a cramped room. To solve this problem, you should switch to lidded storage to create that “hidden” look.

Along with drawers and closets, having a storage format that hides your items from the eyes is great for decluttering your room.

12. Ceiling Spaces Are Also Good Spaces

Most of the spaces we need are often in places we don’t notice. A good example is the space close to the ceiling. These are often spaces above the closet or wardrobes that can be utilized properly. These spaces also make good spots for storing extra items like kid toys, shoes, or even books.

13. Donate Old Clothing

Having lots of clothes also contributes to the issue of cluttered rooms. If you fall victim to this, you’ll need to find ways to get rid of those clothes. A great way to do this is to put them up for donation.

Several donation centers and book charities in the US are looking for generous individuals to give out useful items, including clothes and books. So, when you feel like your time with some clothes is up, don’t hesitate to donate them.

14. Set Up a Backyard Sale

One way you can give up excess items and gain from them is by having a garage sale. This involves putting up a variety of items for sale at a discount price. It also serves as a way to see your items moved without them going to waste.

Garage sales are great because you can clean your room, get rid of items you don’t need, and still make some bucks from it all. Huge W if you ask us.

15. Baskets 

For a more calm-looking bedroom, you’ll need to adopt the use of baskets. These baskets are useful because they help sort your items into meaningful compartments. For instance, you can put shoes in one basket, blankets in another, some socks and underwear in one, and so on.

For better results, use boxes of similar color and materials for visual appeal. This helps reduce visual clutter as well. You can make things a lot easier by labeling each basket for quick identification.

Other Tips For Effective Decluttering

There are certain tips to follow if you want to know how to declutter your room properly.

  • Firstly, always have a plan and follow it diligently to promote time management.
  • Always get rid of useless items before they clutter the room
  • Don’t leave the mess for later
  • You mustn’t always sell items. This will ensure you don’t hold on to items longer than required.
  • Ensure you don’t get distracted during the decluttering process so you don’t end up cleaning for the whole day.


A messy room is never a good sight. To ensure a calm and visually appealing room, ensure to declutter your room early enough. With the steps and tips above, you can transform the decluttering process into an exciting and productive chore.