Book Storage Ideas

For avid bookworms, book messes are a near-unavoidable reality. Many are familiar with the habit of collecting book after book, only to have them splattered across their home without a permanent spot, creating a permanent mess and discouraging them from buying new paperbacks or hardcovers for their collection.

However, book storage does not have to be such a setback. Whether you have a small apartment or a spacious area, the right book storage ideas can breathe a new life to your home and give those misplaced books a permanent residence.

Grab a cup of tea and take a look as we explore the creative, sophisticated, and unique ways you can transform any corner of your home into your dream book storage haven.

1. Make Efficient Use of Vertical Spaces With An Upside Down Hanging Bookshelf

Finding enough room for a book collection is always challenging for those living in small areas. However, the secret is to take advantage of your available vertical space—it minimizes clutter at ground level and creates the illusion of a larger area by drawing the eye upwards.

Vertical bookshelves are one of the most common book storage ideas for people running out of space, as it also adds visual interest to the space. However, have you ever considered taking advantage of both the upside and downside of a hanging bookshelf?

Making your books defy gravity is possible with the help of some elastic loops strategically placed on the underside of an aerial bookshelf. While crafty people can DIY their way through this book storage idea, you can buy it ready to go on Etsy.

Book Storage Ideas

2. Take Advantage of Bed Space with a Bookshelf Bed

Unless you continuously hide your mess under the bed—no judging!—the odds are that space is currently empty or otherwise underutilized. Luckily, the bed area is also perfect for an impromptu bookshelf or bookcase, depending on your space and interest.

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Typically, your bed’s headboard is the go-to option for a casual bookshelf, and you can find plenty of options on Amazon or other websites or stores. However, another amazing book storage idea is to get—or make!—a bookcase for the end of the bed.

If you need even more space, consider purchasing a storage bedframe or, better yet, make it a DIY project and make it yourself with IKEA shelf units.

3. Create a Floating Effect With Invisible Mounted Bookshelves

Who needs bookshelves to shelve books when they can float?

Enthusiasts of creative decoration or minimalistic design would be delighted to know they can give the illusion of floating books along your walls with invisible mounted bookshelves.

Not only does it take advantage of the vertical space available in your home, but this type of bookshelf also stands out due to its versatility and adaptability—it’s invisible, so it does not clash with any decoration style.

There are multiple types of invisible mounted bookshelves at the stores, but the most common design involves two metal sheets, whose base you conceal with the bottom cover of the book. You can find incredible options on Amazon and Etsy, or make one if DIY projects come easy.

Book Storage Ideas

4. Sneak A Bookshelf On The Space Behind Your Open Doors 

Have you ever noticed that the empty wall space behind open doors is rarely used? Rather than a risky location where a door slam could destroy everything, it stands out as an area with untapped potential—particularly for books.

For this book storage idea, all you need is a door stopper and a thin enough bookshelf that can fit perfectly in the space behind your door without obstructing it or risking damage. It can be against the wall or in the corner, depending on what you’re working with.

While the shelves can be regular or forward-facing, the perfect size depends on your home. There are many online tutorials to DIY something yourself.

5. Organize Your Books By Color

While this is not a book storage idea that will find you a new spot to store all those misplaced books, it is a method that can make a difference in aesthetics and the overall impression of your home.

Organizing your books by color creates an incredible visual impact and helps them become a decoration statement. Likewise, you will find it easy to know where to put stray books you may find—simply chunk them with others of the same color. That way, everything looks organized even if it isn’t.

Book Storage Ideas

6. Create a Reading Nook Under The Window Sill

Every bookworm’s dream is to have a beautiful reading nook to escape inside the worlds hidden between the pages freely. But while this may seem privileged and unattainable, you can easily achieve this with less.

While it may depend on your home’s layout, you can easily create an affordable DIY reading nook by repurposing some wooden crates or storage units and turning them into a bookshelf and a window seat. You can organize the books underneath and sit atop as you read while enjoying the outside breeze.

The trick? A storage unit that can comfortably fit under your favorite window’s sill—something akin to the 1×4 Kallax IKEA unit. However, countless book storage ideas or options adapt to all sorts of window sizes or needs.

7. Go Industrial With A Pipe Bookshelf 

The industrial aesthetic is perennial—probably because of how versatile and easy it is to replicate. Not to mention pipes seem to make for excellent bookshelves.

These pipe bookshelves can be excellent desk book organizers for college students if made small enough. With this DIY tutorial, you can make a durable and stunning bookshelf fit for any desk with a budget under $60, but you can buy pre-made pieces online if DIY projects are not your thing.

The real value of this book storage idea is simply its adaptability—it fits every surface, aesthetic, or requirement.

Found Your Perfect Book Storage Idea?

While you may be struggling to find a way to store your valuable books, these creative organizational ideas highlight them not only as wonderfully written masterpieces but also as incredible decorative assets within your home. However, if you’re looking to declutter your collection and earn some extra income, we recommend reading our article on the best websites to sell books. Additionally, feel free to explore our articles on how to organize books, how to declutter your roomhow to declutter books, and how to declutter and organize in 5 steps.

By using the right storage solutions and adding a tiny bit of creative flair, you can showcase book collections that are both practical and aesthetically pleasant, adding a touch of personality and warmth to your home.