Best Pat Conroy Books There are few authors capable of translating their life experiences into stories that others can read and feel part of. Some authors, however, take this art to the next level by drawing inspiration from their childhood experiences and lessons to produce unique pieces.

The Atlanta-born Donald Patrick “Pat” Conroy is an excellent example of such a gifted author. As the eldest of 7 children, his early life wasn’t the smoothest, with his school days being a prime example, seeing that he had attended 11 schools by age 15. Born in 1945, his upbringing and journey through military college shaped his writing to the last letter.

Some of his most famous publications include The Water is Wide, The Lords of Discipline, The Prince of Tides, and The Great Santini. These novels were so good that they got their movie adaptations. The cherry on the pie came later on when two of his novels-turned-movies –  The Prince Of Tides and The Great Santini, got nominated for Oscars.

All these led to Pat Conroy being regarded as a leading figure of late-20th-century Southern literature. So, it should be no surprise that we’re reviewing 6 of the best Pat Conroy books. Although he passed away nearly a decade ago, these books by Pat Conroy continue to live on in the minds of avid readers.

oneThe Prince of Tides: A Novel

The first of the Pat Conroy books we’ll be reviewing takes a direct sting at the concept of honesty. Even though it’s a novel by simple definition, having a date with this book welcomes you into a world of constant and thrilling saga. Its story is based on the tales of Tom Wingo, the turbulent main character, alongside his gifted twin sister, Savannah.

The novel resounds with drama; with a forty-year storyline, there’s more than enough family drama to last a long time. Our two protagonists, Tim and Savannah, are the key players in a long-lasting quest to overcome the tragic and dark legacy their family is known for.

Often dubbed the best form of traditional novel writing, The Prince of Tides has stolen the hearts of many while blowing the minds of others. Some critics even describe it as one to curl up in bed with for days. However you choose to describe it, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best Pat Conroy books to get cozy with.

The Prince of Tides

twoBeach Music: A Novel

From dark and tragic legacies to desperation, betrayal, and anguish, there was no stopping Pat Conroy from unearthing the deepest emotions a human being could muster. Speaking of emotions, the ones pictured in this novel were nothing short of heart-wrenching and tragic. Only a novel based on a quest to uncover long-lasting family secrets could trigger many emotions.

Jack McCall is the unfortunate protagonist who has to endure the stories crafted by the pens and imagination of Pat Conroy. After losing his wife to suicide, he searches for peace and ends up on a quest to unearth a haunting family secret. However, nothing comes easy, and when you’re faced with a mystery that has seen three family generations and two continents, you can expect pretty much anything.

Beach Music

threeThe Great Santini

We’re introduced to Bull Meecham, an absolute powerhouse and a role model for all Marines. He’s exceptional at conquering the clouds and is known for the stern rule of his family. Thankfully, he has a wife who is cool-headed and the reason the kids are still sane. One of those is Ben, and despite his incredible athleticism and achievements, his father is never moved. Sounds familiar?

We’ve already seen Pat Conroy evoke strong emotions through his telling novels. However, remember what we said about him drawing inspiration from his life? The Great Santini is simply perfection when you look at its storyline compared to Pat Conroy’s life.

The Great Santini

fourThe Lords of Discipline

The theme of all the books by Pat Conroy we’ve looked at so far revolves around solid emotions, and this next novel has it all. It’s a tale of the journey of four cadets and how the intense and devouring atmosphere of the military turns them into inseparable brothers.

Bound by their duty and unyielding brotherhood, these cadets navigate life in the raunchy military in its full form. The Lords of Discipline encompasses friendship, rage, betrayal, fear, and every other ingredient that transforms our youthful protagonists into men. However, there’s also a tragedy to look forward to, as not everyone can pass through this process and come out alive.

The Lords of Discipline

fiveMy Reading Life

With a title like that, you’re probably guessing we’re taking a break from the grueling run of strong emotional and tragic tales the previous Pat Conroy books on this list have been feeding us. Well, you’re correct because this time around, we’re looking at Pat Conroy as the avid reader he was.

It’s a novel or a memoir detailing everything Pat Conroy loved to read and why he loved them. It shows fellow readers that authors love to have their minds fed by scribbles and tales of other writers. It’s a wholesome piece that highlights the fulfilling moments brought about by the reading life of Pat Conroy.

My Reading Life

sixThe Water Is Wide

It’s been a good ride down memory lane, but it’s time to cap things off. And what better way to do so than with a look at a novel that depicts the true definition of a miracle?

Picture this: an entire community is living peacefully on an island, secluded from the rest of society. Suddenly, the waters they’ve loved and adored have turned to the force driving them away from the island. What’s next for them, and how do they escape?

The Water Is Wide is both compelling and refreshing as it showcases the impact of poor choices made by society and the joys of experiencing a miracle in a hopeless situation. Truly, it’s one of the Pat Conroy books to read to embrace every feeling you can muster.

The Water Is Wide

Wrapping Up

There you have it: six of the absolute best of Pat Conroy. What book will you be laying your hands on? How many can you finish? Whatever your choice is, BookScouter is here to help.

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