Are you a young adult, bored, and in dire need of quick mind fuel to boost your day? Perhaps you lack excitement, and your body isn’t just getting the vibes or motivation it needs to power through the day. One solution to this is a good book.

And don’t worry, we’re not recommending your school text or the daily newspaper for you; no one is in the mood for that right now. Instead, here are the ten best books for young adults to read and get their brains buzzing.

When You Get the Chance: A Novel

by Emma Lord

Let’s kick off our list with a piece from Emma Lord. If you’re a lover of exciting storytelling about family, then “When You Get A Chance “is a good book to tickle your fancy with. The story follows 16-year-old Millie Price in her big dream of making it to Broadway.

The story takes a turn when Millie’s father becomes a stumbling block in her goals, and what does she do? She seeks out her mother, who had abandoned her as a baby. Follow Millie Price as she and her best friend, Teddy, track down this mystery mother figure.

Buy Book NowOphelia After All

by Racquel Marie

Racquel Marie serves us a heartwarming novel about high school and all the drama that comes with discovering your queerness in a social, educational environment. Ophelia After All tells the story of Ophelia Rojas as she juggles her high school life with her sudden transition into queerness.

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For any student in their senior year, losing the chance of a perfect prom with your partner is a saddening occurrence. That’s not the case with Ophelia Rojas, who has more than enough to deal with it. Have a go at this novel and find out if Ophelia sticks to her fantasy or makes the needed realization of who she is.

Buy Book NowAll My Rage: A Novel

by Sabaa Tahir

If you’re in for a young adult novel with a knack for the more complex topics in society, it’s time to check out All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir. Sabaa Tahir explores the intricate aspects of grief, racism, money hunger, substance abuse, and trauma through the story of a Pakistani American family.

The story centers around the individual struggles faced by members of a working-class family. 18-yr old Sal becomes stressed by the state of the family business while his father struggles with alcohol and the resulting kidney disease. All My Rage is a compelling story about the loss of dreams and lost Love which is sure to get you thinking.

Buy Book NowHotel Magnifique

by Emily J. Taylor

What do you do when your job wages aren’t enough for you and your sister to get by? Well, if you’re Janine Lafayette, you simply apply for a job with your sister at the legendary Hotel Magnifique, which changes location every day and travels around the world. Quite the realistic option, don’t you think?

In this novel, Emily J. Taylor narrates an intriguing story of how things aren’t always what they seem. Follow the exquisite and complex characters and plot in this thrilling book about the spellbinding adventures of Jani and her sister, Lisa, in the Hotel Magnifique.

Buy Book NowI Kissed Shara Wheeler: A Novel

by Casey McQuiston 

What do you do when the principal’s daughter, who’s also your rival for the title of valedictorian, suddenly kisses you and disappears right after prom? Of course, you team up with her ex-boyfriend and neighbor to track her down using the clues left behind.

Follow the high school story filled with the drama of Chloe as she navigates life as the only out person in a Christian academy. Find out what happens when students struggle to break the barriers caused by the shame culture. Also, will Chloe ever find Shara Wheeler whom she kissed?

Buy Book NowSalaam, with Love

by Sara Sharaf Beg

A love letter to Islam is the perfect phrase to describe this novel. Salaam, with Love, is an appealing drama story that highlights the humor and adventure that comes with the season of Ramadan. Flip through the pages of Dua’s life as she explores the joy of Ramadan with her extended family.

Though the holidays don’t turn out as planned, Dua gets more than what she bargains for as she spends the holy month learning about faith, relationships, and her true place in the world.

Buy Book NowYou Truly Assumed

by Laila Sabreen

We take a deep dive into the complex issue of the neglect of Black Muslim teen girls in this emotional piece by Laila Sabreen. The story is about Siddiq who is one of the only two black ballet dancers, whose dreams of being a professional take a hit when Washington D.C. gets shaken by a bomb attack.

But what shakes this story up is when the bomber is assumed to be a Muslim. This becomes the catalyst for a brutal wave of islamophobia in the region. How do you think this event will affect Siddiq? Find out in You Truly Assumed

Buy Book NowSee You Yesterday

by Rachel Lynn Solomon 

Away from the complexities of human society, we take a trip down the more humourous lane of a romantic comedy packed with a story that stirs up as many emotions as a good novel can. The story is about Barrett Bloom, a Jewish college student whose life isn’t going as planned.

Read Rachel Lynn Solomon’s See you Yesterday and discover a different form of humor that comes from the concept of opposites attracting.

Buy Book NowGallant

by V. E. Schwab

In Gallant, Manuel Sumberac serves a Thriller through Olivia Prior, a 14-year-old who communicates through sign language and constantly faces bullies from girls and isolation from her environment. Until one day when she changes location to a similarly hostile environment in the form of her late uncle’s house.

Although this time, Olivia has a purpose and that’s the discovery of her family’s past in the not-so-normal house.

Anatomy: A Love Story

by Dana Schwartz

Danna Schwartz is the author of the final book in our list of books for young adults. As the name suggests, the novel tells the story of Hazel Sinnet who has made it her mission to contribute to society by learning the art of medicine and surgery. This is a mission she holds so dear that she’s willing to dress as a male to accomplish it.

Take a trip back in time to the 19th century and relive the struggles faced by a young lady in the pursuit of her medical dreams and how an unlikely bond can lead to the best of adventures.