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How Do I Buy Books on BookScouter?

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how to buy books

BookScouter is a book price comparison platform where you get the most up-to-date information on where to sell, buy, and rent used books at the best prices. It is also a tool that makes selling and buying processes simple and straightforward by quickly referring you to the best vendor.

In this guide, we’ll closely look at how you can use BookScouter to buy books and textbooks for your studies and search for the vendor with the best offer and the highest rating.

Top 6 Places that Buy Books in 2023

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Places that buy books

If you have books collecting dust on your shelves, you can turn books into money by selling them online. Most places that buy used books require them to be in good condition. Some sites match you with individual buyers, and others match you with buyback vendors. Let’s explore those options and learn more about the places that buy books. 

Amazon and Chegg used to buy used textbooks and other books, but neither offers this option any longer. Instead, Chegg sends you to the Biblio website to sell your books, and Amazon only allows you to sell books as an Amazon seller, which takes much more work and incurs many fees.

The 11 Best Book Scanner Apps of 2023

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book scabber apps

In our earlier article, we’ve covered the topic of book scouting from every angle (you can read it on our blog — The Definitive Guide to Book Scouting), and we also singled out another meaning for the term book sourcing (or book hunting), where we specifically highlighted used book hunting and reselling, as well as making a profit on second-hand books. We also mentioned the tools that book scouts use to find books and resell them most profitably (on Amazon and not only).

How to Make Friends in College: Reddit-based Guide

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How to Make Friends in College Reddit-based Guide

College is the most exciting time for many people. However, making friends in college can be a daunting and intimidating task, especially for those who are new to the college experience. And there’s a good reason for that. You’re entering into a new environment where everyone else seems to know each other already, and you may feel like an outsider. But don’t worry — making new friends in college is possible.

6 Most Searched Special Edition Books

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special edition of books

Have you ever completed a book but felt you still had unfinished business with it? Yeah, we’ve all been there. But, here’s when things get better because today, we’ll introduce something special. We’re here to tell you all you need to know about special edition books.

So, what are special edition books? Where can you get them? Read on as we answer these questions, and as the main course, we’ll serve you with the 6 best special editions of books to get started.


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