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10 Best Historical Fiction Books of All Time

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best historical fiction books of all time

How strangely unnerving and comforting that, despite the chasm – in time, culture, context, and geography – that separates us from the past, the stories of people who have walked the earth before us are familiar to our own. What do we have in common with a young girl stealing books in Nazi Germany or a young woman married off to an Italian Grand Duke? Novels set in the past often feel like fantasy; a character’s circumstances are so wildly different than our own, yet their reality – even if fictionalized – recounts hard truths about our history and lays bare our humanity.

Historical fiction is a window into the past and a mirror of our lives and reality. Here’s where you can start if you want to dip your hands into some historical fiction.

Where to Sell College Books in 2023

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Obvious truth as it may be, it always bears repeating—college is costly.

Although tuition is always the first and foremost expense everyone worries about, the price of college books continues on an endless uphill climb. Specifically, college textbook prices have increased by over 1,000% since the 1970s.

Sadly enough, most college books have a short utility timespan. After fulfilling their purpose, their fate will likely be that of a dust collector on a bookshelf or in a forgotten drawer. Unless, of course, you SELL them.

Book Condition Ratings Explained & Compared

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book condition ratings
In this article, we’ve prepared a complete used book condition guide you can refer to whenever you need to understand how the book condition rating system works and how different platforms rate used books they sell.

We’re positive that if you’ve ever bought a book on Amazon or in an online store at least once, you must have seen one of these descriptions: “As new,” “Very Good,” “Acceptable,” etc. Moreover, you know these terms quite well if you resell books.

10 Most Searched Statistics Textbooks

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While you might be taking a course in the classroom, statistics always pop up in everyday life. On the news, on your TV, plastered on billboards you drive by on the freeway—statistics pop up in your life more than you think.

But before you can apply your knowledge to those real-world examples, you need to build a solid foundation of statistics in the classroom. That’s where this list comes in. You don’t want a textbook that makes statistics more confusing than it has to be. The following list includes the 10 best statistics textbooks on the market:

Top 10 Best Side Hustles for College Students

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10 Best Side Hustles for College Students

You go to college to get an education, and a jump start on your career in hopes that your degree will help you earn a healthy salary in the future. Unfortunately, college is not cheap. Between a rigorous class schedule and trying to maintain your social life, your bank account balance may suffer.

Fortunately, there are several side hustles to do in college. You may not be able to work a full-time job amidst 18 credit hours, but there are ways to earn cash to help you pay your rent or tuition on time, such as online jobs for college students or side hustles. In both ways, remember to prepare your college student’s resume.

Top 10 Book Bloggers and Book Reviews Channels on Youtube

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Best Book Bloggers

Are you a book lover looking for a new source of inspiration and entertainment? Look no further! Bookish bloggers on Youtube who make book reviews and other bookish content are the perfect place to go for all your bookish needs. From unboxing and reviewing the latest book releases to creating interactive activities, book bloggers bring a unique perspective to the book-loving community.

So, if you’re looking for a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest bookish news and content, these book bloggers are a perfect choice! But if you perceive information better by ear, read our post about the top 10 best book podcasts to find the best source of inspiration for yourself.


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