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How to Sell Used Books with Maximum Profit

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Let’s say you’ve decided to clean up a bit of space and decided to get rid of some old popular psychology books, some cookbooks you never really opened, your old Twilight copy (you definitely won’t read it again!), and a few anatomy textbooks that are simply collecting dust on your shelves. Great idea—you can make use of them to earn extra cash! So, where to start? In this guide, we’ve prepared six tips on how you can sell your used books to get the most profit.

Average Cost of College Textbooks Infographics 2022

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average textbook cost

The high cost of college textbooks remains one of the major student problems and a significant expense alongside tuition and accommodation. With prices of some new textbook copies reaching several hundred dollars, not every student is capable of affording them.

Today, we’ve decided to look closer at how the textbook industry works and try to understand why textbook costs are so high and how they influence student life and decisions. And, more importantly, we wanted to show how to leverage more affordable options. To do so, we’ve gone through a great deal of data: student initiatives’ reports, educational organizations’ reports, and official statistics from federal and state websites, etc.

10 Most Searched GRE Preparation Books

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Acing your GRE can be pretty intimidating and overwhelming at first, but with the right guidance and resources, it becomes like a piece of cake! However, because of tremendous pressure and less time, gathering effective and comprehensive resources is extremely hard. But to give you peace of mind, we have listed the all-time best books for GRE preparation.

You are just one step closer to getting into your dream graduate university!

Look at the list below and find the best GRE Guides!

Best LNAT Preparation Books

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Whether you’re a lifelong fan of law television shows or always knew you were meant for the courtroom, you’re finally getting ready to take the National Admissions Test for Law (LNAT). Now the question isn’t, “Do I want to go into law?” Rather, it is, “How do I best prepare for the LNAT?

The best way to prepare for the LNAT is to tailor your study strategy to your needs. To do so, you will need top tier study materials that include helpful testing techniques, practice questions, and full-length practice papers. Don’t waste valuable time searching for study books when someone else has already compiled a list of the best LNAT preparation books in the market.

4 Best History Books for Each Period

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The events of times past have contributed greatly to the present, and luckily for us, these events have been made available to us through the pages of different historical books. There’s a booklist with the top 10 world history textbooks in our blog and one about American history textbooks; now let’s dive deeper into different historical periods and list great books to learn more about each one of them. If you’re a student or pure enthusiast of literature and history, we’ve got some great lineups for you.

Read on as we travel back in time through the best classics from each historical period. In this list, we look at different history books, one era at a time.

10 Fun Facts About Reading

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If you love books, you probably love learning something new about books as well. There are plenty of book facts that everyone knows. But here is more: meet ten interesting facts about books that will amaze you! To be honest, we’ve never imagined some of them could be true. Yet, they are another reason to love books.


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