Previous blogs mention the importance of taking care of your books so you can get the most money at resale. A book’s condition affects the price you receive in return, but other factors also affect how much money you get when you sell textbooks.

When to Sell

Your books will sell best when they are in high demand. College students want to buy textbooks at the beginning of each semester, so August 20 through August 26 and January 7 through January 13th are great times to sell. Most students want to sell their textbooks to the college bookstore right after the semester ends, but that’s not always the best idea. College bookstores fill a quota of books for the next semester’s classes, and their prices will drop significantly once that quota is filled. Bookstores don’t offer book buyback deals during weeks of highest demand because they focus on selling books. That’s why you should use BookScouter to get the most money for your used books.

When NOT to Sell

There are a few weeks when your books will sell for the highest price while some weeks offer lower prices. The middle of the semester is a poor time to sell because most people have already bought their books, and those who have not are probably not going to buy them mid-semester. Demand is lowest during school holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas break, and spring break in late March and early April.

Be sure not to keep your books too long. Our blog about the rising cost of textbooks addresses how textbooks lose value quickly. Unless you plan to use a textbook in the future, get rid of it soon so you can get the most money–but not too soon. Don’t sell your book the day you finish with it. Your college bookstore or off-campus bookstore will pay low prices at the end of the semester while everyone tries to get rid of their books in a market with little demand. You will not get the most money for your books. Wait a little while, a week or two, and then sell.

Use BookScouter to take advantage of a national textbook market that competes for your books and gets you the best price. Check our blog and social media for tips about special offers from vendors so you can get even more money.

FYI: You can find the most up-to-date information about the ideal time to sell your textbooks HERE!