Hey there! Are you bored out of your wits? Perhaps you’re tired of our dull world and would love an adventure elsewhere. However, since you don’t have a place in mind right now, how would you like it if we brought the experience to you?

What do we mean? Well, sometimes, you need something exciting to pump your serotonin levels. And rather than embark on a quest, you can get the fun experience you need in your bedroom or couch. Have you ever heard of a fantasy novel?

Just like the sci-fi movies you love, there are books created to tease the imagination. And if you’re a young adult, you’re in luck because we’re about to show you the doors to new worlds, all from the pages of some fantasy books.

So, let’s get started on the 10 must-read young adult fantasy books that will transport you to another world.

young adult fantasy booksThe Ballad of Never After 

by Stephanie Garber

Imagine a mix of love and magic but with a twist. What happens when a lady falls in love, has her love and trust broken, then has to work with the heartbreaker for the sake of the world? We’re as curious as you are right now.

Find out just how well Evangeline copes with the prince of hearts and the many foes that come her way. From a love spell to a murderous one, from magic spells to unfriendly enemies, will Evangeline ever find her happy ever after?

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young adult fantasy booksImmortality: A Love Story 

by Dana Schwartz

Stuck wondering if her friend is dead or alive, put in jail for saving a life, and tasked with managing a rotting castle, is there any ordinary day in the life of Hazel Sinnett?

From a regular surgeon to the personal physician of the King’s granddaughter, our busy surgeon has a lot to battle daily. Will Hazel crumble in the messy British court, or does she truly set things straight? Only a good read will help you find out.

Young Adult Fantasy BooksFable 

by Adrienne Young

She loses her mother to a terrible storm and gets abandoned by her father the very next day; poor 17-yr old Fable has had her fair share of unfortunate events. But as expected, those aren’t enough to kill her spirit. Rather than sulk and give into her circumstance, we get to watch Fable cross the sea to find her father and demand her rights be restored.

With the help of a trader named West, our young daredevil battles through seas, intrigue, and romance in search of what’s hers.

Young Adult Fantasy BooksDaughter of No Worlds 

by Carissa Broadbent

After getting separated from her homeland as a child, Tisaanah is forced to survive with nothing but her wits and magic. But soon enough, she fights for her escape, barely making it out alive.

But it doesn’t end there; she has a friend to bring back, and it doesn’t seem her wit and magic will be enough this time. Want to know how this pans out? Then we advise you to get this book.

Young Adult Fantasy BooksVow of Thieves

by Mary E. Pearson

Here, we meet Kazi and Jase, two lovers who seem to have overcome their most significant battles. Their love has gotten more substantial, and everything is going silky smooth.

But just like we expect from a fantasy novel, the two lovers are soon struck by an ominous event. From dreamland to entanglement in deception’s evil web of cold betrayal, will our protagonists have a happy ending?

young adult fantasy booksSymphony for A Deadly Throne

by E.J. Mellow

E.J. Mellow welcomes the reader to the third and final part of the Mousai series. Here, we discover Aadilor, a magical world and the dwelling place for the Thief Kingdom. In this kingdom lies mysterious magic, pure mayhem, and a burning quest for power.

But that’s not all. What’s a fantasy novel without an intriguing love story? What happens when a lady has to pick between her kingdom and the love of her life? Yeah, we’ll have to flip through some exciting pages for that one.

Young Adult Fantasy BooksThe Wicked King

by Holly Black

Struck by an unexpected revelation, Jude is forced to go to extreme lengths to keep her younger brother safe, even as far as seeking the help of a wicked king.

And as if things weren’t complicated enough, Jude is forced to deal with the threat of a betrayal. With her life on the line, just how far can she go to keep her brother safe?

Young Adult Fantasy BooksThe Queen of Nothing  

by Holly Black

The Queen of Nothing, just like The Wicked King, forms part of a jaw-dropping, intriguing trilogy. In this fantasy novel, Jude is now an exiled queen yet still faces life’s most complicated choices.

Now left with no choice but to reclaim the power she lost, Jude makes an unfriendly trip back to Faerie Court. There, she confronts Cardan, the wicked King, but it won’t be easy, given her feelings for him.

young adult fantasy booksChildren of Blood and Bone 

by Tomi Adeyemi

After the Maji of Orisha and Zelie Adebola’s mother were slaughtered, their descendants experienced nothing but tyranny under the rule of King Saran. However, not every daughter takes after her father, and thankfully for the diviners, princess Amari falls into that category.

With the information Amari provides, Zelie has found new hope and seeks to restore magic to orisha. Will she be successful? Will the Maji finally be restored?

The Stolen Heir

by Holly Black

It seems we have a trilogy of Holly Black’s books on our list. The Stolen Heir follows the thrilling story of a runaway queen, her brother, and the dangerous journey they embark on.

We also discover Suren, child queen of the Court of Teeth, now residing in the mortal realm. With a constant reminder of the horrors she faced, she spends her time releasing mortals from foolish bargains. However, this task is cut short by the storm hag who seeks her out.

Journey through the pages to discover how Oak the Prince and Suren cross paths and how this meeting forges a new, not-so-straight path.


And just like that, you have ten unique fantasy novels to get into. What book are you picking up first? How many will you end up reading? Well, it doesn’t matter because you still get transported to a different world regardless of your choice.



GoodReads Rating
Amazon Rating
1 The Ballad of Never After  4.56 4.7


Immortality: A Love Story  4.02 4.3


Fable  4.06 4.5


Daughter of No Worlds  4.15 4.4


Vow of Thieves 4.37 4.6


Symphony for A Deadly Throne 4.19 4.5


The Wicked King 4.33 4.6


The Queen of Nothing   4.37 4.7


Children of Blood and Bone  4.11 4.6
10 The Stolen Heir 4.11 4.55