Summertime and the livin’ is easy… At last, summer is here! Each person experiences this incredible season in different ways. And there is always something special about summer! Delicious ice cream, blinding sunshine, endless BBQs and picnics, swimming in the sea, and so much more.

Let’s face it, summer is like another invigorating life that makes you feel energized, relaxed, and just happy. That’s why it’s essential to fill each day with fun activities and pleasant people to make the most out of it. Many people have a great tradition of creating summer bucket lists where they include every bright (and sometimes silly) thing they want to engage in. If you’re a bookworm, odds are you also have your TBR list for summer.

While you may have a huge pile of books you’re planning to read these months, think about adding some book-related activities to your bucket list too. No worries! We’ve done everything for you. Fellow book lovers, check out this Summer Bookworm Bucket List we’ve prepared for you. Here you’ll find a bunch of fun activities, challenges, tasks, and it’s all tied to BOOKS. We know, isn’t it great? We hope that this bucket list will help you make your bookish summer unforgettable and delightful. No more empty talk! Ready, steady, check it off!