How to Make Friends in College Reddit-based Guide

College is the most exciting time for many people. However, making friends in college can be a daunting and intimidating task, especially for those who are new to the college experience. And there’s a good reason for that. You’re entering into a new environment where everyone else seems to know each other already, and you may feel like an outsider. But don’t worry — making new friends in college is possible.

Finding the right people to surround yourself with is essential for academic and social success. College is full of new opportunities and experiences, and making the right connections can help you make the most of your time in college. This blog will explore tips and tricks for making friends in college and creating a supportive community.


Here are some tips to help you create a solid social circle:

1. Get Involved

One of the best ways to make friends in college is to get involved in campus academic activities.

How to Make Friends in College - Reddit“Clubs or a greek org
I know the reddit hate on greek life, but if you do it correctly, it’s a great way to network.”
– Redditor Sandman1031

Join student clubs and organizations, attend special events and meetings, join a sorority or fraternity, and participate in extracurricular activities in college. The more you do, the more chances you’ll have to meet and get to know people who share your interests.

How to Make Friends in College: Reddit - based Guide“Volunteer, join any of the hundreds of groups they that are setup on campus […] go to the gym, join an intermural sports team like softball, go to a party, what worked for me was knocking on my neighbors door in my dorm and making small talk[…]. Really you gotta decide your going to do whatever it takes even if it is uncomfortable to make at least one friend and then step out of your comfort zone and do it! […].”
– Redditor Shakaka03

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2. Be Outgoing

Feel free to introduce yourself to others and strike up conversations. Attend social events and activities (like concerts or intramural sports), and be bold to reach out to people you think you could be friends with. Remember to interact with your classmates, as it is an excellent way to make new friends. Attend study groups or hang out after class to get to know the people you’re spending time with. If you feel comfortable, you can ask them to grab lunch or coffee.

Having meals is a wonderful occasion to socialize, connect, and make new acquaintances. It’ll help you break the ice with unfamiliar people.

How to Make Friends in College“Every meal I go and sit with one of the people eating alone and just start talking”

– Redditor [deleted]

The key to success is a simple conversation – ask questions, be curious, and listen attentively. Show an interest in what the other person has to say, and be sure to reciprocate. Try to find common ground and look for opportunities to share stories and experiences. Discussing a shared interest or hobby is a great way to bond with someone.

How to Make Friends in College: Reddit-based Guide“[…] Don’t assume you’re annoying or bothering people and practice the art of light, easy conversation that centers on the other person (or on common interests). Good luck!”

– Redditor Tyler07734

Last but not least, enjoy the moment. Share laughs, exchange smiles, and remember to be present and enjoy the food. Meals can be an excellent opportunity to make new friends, so relax and have fun!

How to Make Friends in College: Reddit-based Guide“Sit down at people’s lunch tables saying “Can I join you?” At the beginning of class, say to the person next to you, “Hi, I’m so-and-so. Who are you?” and strike up a conversation; and ask for their contact information at the end of class. Make baked goods and knock on your neighbors’ doors.”
– Redditor hank_burgle

3. Stay Connected

While you may have had a close-knit group of friends in high school, you may suddenly find yourself in a new environment with many unfamiliar faces in college.

How to Make Friends in College: Reddit-based Guide“Same way as high school: pray that you find a friendly extrovert who adopts you”

– Redditor superspacecadet2

Keeping up with past friends and acquaintances through social media and other means is essential. As you build new friendships, remember the ones you already have. Staying connected is a way to show gratitude to meaningful relationships that have stood the test of time. A text or a call can help you stay connected, and you can even plan occasional visits.

How to Make Friends in College: Reddit-based Guide“There’s plenty of other ways to make friends. There’s always going to be friends of friends (or the bf/gfs of your friends! […] I made a really good friend by going up to a guy wearing a band shirt I liked and we struck up a conversation, and then I met all of HIS friends, and though I’m not close to any of them, I’m sure I could’ve fostered relationships with them.”
– Redditor Chasethehorror

4. Be Yourself

Remember that college is a new chapter in your life and is the perfect time to be your true self. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability and let people in. There is no need to pretend to be someone else or put on a show. Even with a great desire to position yourself in some specific way, you are highly likely to fail because if you live in a dormitory, it’ll be tough to play this role every day and every hour. By the way, check the guide on how to find the right roommate for college. Being yourself is critical to forming authentic connections with others and creating lasting relationships.

How to Make Friends in College: Reddit-based Guide“Just live in a dorm. It’s impossible to not make friends.”

– Redditor [deleted]

What matters as well is to stay true to who you are. Whether it’s your interests, hobbies, beliefs, or values, owning your true self is essential in building genuine friendships with those around you. Be bold and open about who you are. People will appreciate your authenticity, making them more likely to gravitate toward you.

This is the best advice ever as you should do nothing to achieve the goal of making new friends. Isn’t it fantastic? Do nothing, leave it at that, and voila — you meet new people.

How to Make Friends in College: Reddit-based Guide“You don’t. You just become heavily acquainted with random people”

– Redditor CombativeMango

5. Think Outside the Box

There are many creative ways to make new friends in college that can help you overcome feelings of uncertainty and make meaningful connections.

How to Make Friends in College: Reddit-based Guide“Throw a party.
Day 1 of college, went knocking on doors told anyone and everyone I saw I was throwing it.
– Redditor Viggerous

Remember to step outside of your comfort zone too. College is the best place and time to try something new, even if it scares you. You might find yourself making new friends in the process. Take a dance class, join a hiking club, or try fresh cuisine. You always need to find out what kind of people you’ll meet.

How to Make Friends in College: Reddit-based Guide“The way I make friends is by finding someone who dresses similar to me. Compliment their outfit at first.
There’s also the wear the sign way that is fun to do. You can just have a sign that says you’re looking for an extrovert friend. That works too well for some people…”
– Redditor Hopefully_writer

Bottom Line

Making friends in college is daunting but rewarding. You can make connections that will last a lifetime with little effort and willingness. Feel free to take the initiative and introduce yourself to new people. Get involved in activities and organizations that interest you, and use social media to your advantage. Most importantly, be yourself and be open-minded. By taking these steps, you can figure out how to make strong friendships in college that will improve your learning experience and help you create a reliable support environment to adjust to college life.