Divine Rivals Special Edition

Welcome to the world of Divine Rivals, where the lines between good and evil blur, intrigue and romance dance across the pages, and intricate plots unfold amidst breathtaking special editions.

In this blog, we’re super excited to dive deep with you into the nitty-gritty of why this book’s special editions are turning heads and just so darn coveted, exploring its captivating plot while also highlighting the unique features of each special edition.

Join us as we unravel the allure behind Divine Rivals’ special editions and discover which one resonates with you. We’re on a mission to find the one that feels like it was made just for you. Let the treasure hunt begin!

  1. Review of Divine Rivals
  2. The Original Hardcover Edition
  3. The Book Of The Month Edition
  4. The OwlCrate Edition
  5. The Fairyloot Edition
  6. The UK Edition
  7. Custom Designs

Review of Divine Rivals

Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross is a thrilling romantasy enemy-to-lovers novel. It’s a story that takes you through a whirlwind of emotions and unexpected developments, all centered around two journalists with a complex relationship. You’ll find yourself getting lost in their winks, the whispered confidences, and the crescendo of an epic love story. You should be prepared for a range of “aha” and “whoa, didn’t see that coming!” moments that promise to keep you glued to the story up to the very last page.

Set amid the chaos of a world war, our protagonist, Winnow, is dealing with family turmoil—her brother is involved in the war, and her mother can’t break free from addiction. Across the newsroom, there’s Roman Kit, an intellectual adversary competing for the same prestigious job. Things get more complicated when Winnow finds out that Roman has been secretly taking her personal letters meant for her brother.

Through the written word and the strife of battle that surrounds them, Winnow and Roman’s relationship shifts from fierce competition to an intimate connection. You’ll get swept up in their dynamic banter and tender moments that seem to leap from the page. The story also weaves in elements of fantasy, mythology, and the transformative power of love.

Divine Rivals is a gripping and engaging read that will transport you to a magical world. It beautifully combines moments of hope and heartbreak, making it a must-read for anyone seeking an exhilarating and emotional story.

If that’s not persuasive enough, check out this BookTok review on Divine Rivals—it explains everything perfectly!

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Once you know the storyline, it’s no wonder that Divine Rivals special editions are selling like hotcakes. If you’re interested in adding this captivating book to your collection, we’ve gathered all the available options for your consideration. This will help you find the perfect edition to adorn your bookshelf.

Divine Rivals - The Original Hardcover EditionThe Original Hardcover Edition

The original cover for Divine Rivals is an absolute stunner. Imagine this: a smooth black background with vivid blue flowers splashed right over it—it’s like the night sky got some magic added to it. And right in the middle, the title just pops in this luxurious gold that catches your eye and won’t let go. The whole vibe is magical, and those clever gold typewriter keys shaped like a ‘D’ and an ‘R’? Genius. They’re not just letter keys; they’re a nifty nod to the story’s heartbeat—letters that weave a tale of intrigue and romance.

It’s like it whispers secrets about the novel’s twists and turns without revealing everything. Even though it’s missing those extra fancy details like sprayed edges one can find in the Fourth Wing first edition, this cover doesn’t need all that jazz to stand out.

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Divine Rivals - Book Of The MonthThe Book Of The Month Edition

Book of the Month is like your fairy bookmother, offering wallet-friendly special editions, and Divine Rivals is part of the charm. Every month, BOTM subscribers get to choose from 5-7 new titles that are delivered right to their door. It’s like getting Christmas presents regularly and eagerly rushing to open them at the front door.

Now, the BOTM magic doesn’t stop there. The BOTM edition of Divine Rivals has the original cover with an extra touch – the unique BOTM stamp of approval in the top right corner. It’s like finding a rare bird in nature; you just know it’s something special.

If you love having a perfectly organized bookshelf, this Divine Rivals edition will fit right in as if completing a puzzle. It’s not just another great addition; it’s the perfect next chapter for your growing collection from Book of the Month.

Book Of The Month bookshelf

Photo courtesy of Life with Emily Blog

Owlcrate edition

Photo courtesy of eBay

The OwlCrate Edition

OwlCrate offers a variety of different types of books that will please any reader. Now, let’s focus on their version of Divine Rivals, which was the highlight in their May 2023 “AGAINST ALL ODDS” collection—a collection that, unfortunately, is now a thing of the past, having flown off the shelves!

Imagine a cover that’s both nostalgic and fresh, featuring an old-fashioned typewriter at the center surrounded by pink flowers that will make your heart skip a beat. The bold black title and author’s name grab your attention right away. Behind it all? A hint of a typed letter with light gray words setting the stage for secrets waiting to be discovered.

Peek inside the cover, and you’ll find art that warms the soul—Iris lost in thought at her desk while Roman casually sits on top of it. It’s like you’ve been given a VIP pass into their world.

And those edges! Painted in delicate pink with pretty white touches, they’re as delightful as cotton candy and hard to resist. But that’s not all, folks. OwlCrate includes a surprise—a bonus chapter that will give you even more reasons to love this series.

If all this isn’t enough to make you excited, each book comes with an exclusive letter from the author bound right into its pages. So if you happen upon OwlCrate Divine Rivals despite its sell-out status, then consider yourself lucky—you’ve got something truly special in your hands.

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The Fairyloot Edition

Fairyloot is like Aladdin’s Cave for fantasy novel fans—they offer ultra-cool, exclusive editions that are just next-level awesome. Let’s zoom in on their take on Divine Rivals: a cover that’s all dramatic in grayscale, featuring a guy and a girl both caught up in the unfolding drama of the same letter.

The scene is quiet and reflective, yet you can feel the tension, can’t you? Now, add some luxury with a title and author’s name in shining gold—yep, that’s style! Those tiny gold stars scattered around? They’re like little winks, charming you to peek inside.

Flip open to the endpapers, and bam! You’re hit with a scrapbook vibe, complete with doodles of our lead duo, Iris and Roman, all artsy and mysterious. But wait, there’s more! The edges of the pages are jet black, sprinkled with delicate gold stars, envelopes, and letters—it’s like holding the night sky in your hands.

Oh, and for the cherry on top, there’s a secret chapter tucked in that you won’t find in the regular print. That’s some exclusive content, indeed!

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Divine Rivals - The UK EditionThe UK Edition

Now, let’s take a look at the UK edition. Whether you choose the strong hardcover or the comfortable paperback, you’re in for a delightful sight. The cover displays a starry night sky that wraps around Iris and Roman in an embrace—a colorful drawing filled with their story’s essence. It’s like holding a fragment of a dream in your hands.

The title and author’s names catch the light beautifully, gilded in gold so bright that you’ll want to keep turning the book just to see it shimmer. Elegant? Check. Eye-catching? Double-check.

Additionally, the hardcover version wears a deep navy blue as if it’s dressed for a night out in town. And oh, glance at the spine—you’ll see an adorable envelope that’s whispering, “Open me.”

Who says stunning has to drain the wallet? Absolutely no one. So, for all you book lovers out there keeping an eye on your budget but also longing for a piece of the extraordinary, the UK edition of Divine Rivals might be your perfect match—gorgeous, affordable, and just waiting to grace your bookshelf nearby.

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Divine Rivals custom design bookCustom Designs

Some innovative and crafty readers aren’t just diving into the pages of Divine Rivals—they’re transforming their copies into bespoke masterpieces, and the results? Jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Fans grab their copies and add a personal touch by edge-spraying their beloved tomes. It’s like giving your book a couture outfit! Check out a hardcover copy of Divine Rivals with stunning blue edges that look as deep and mysterious as the sea. Gold floral patterns bloom along the sides, adding to the book’s elegance.

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Imagine holding this unread beauty in your hands. It’s more than a book at this point; it’s a unique work of art, a rare gem in a world of mass-produced covers. It’s the bookish equivalent of having a secret garden—personal, peaceful, and incredibly enchanting.

Whether you’re an artist or a bookworm looking for a splash of splendor, why not make your next great read truly your own? Grab those paints and let your imagination run wild. Your very own Divine Rivals with custom edges is just a creative whirlwind away!

Take a look at these BookTok videos featuring creative bookish enthusiasts painting the edges of their Divine Rivals editions for some inspiring ideas:

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Final Thoughts

As we finish up this book journey, Divine Rivals special editions are like a bouquet of options. Each edition has different covers and hidden treasures, making them very attractive. If you want to add this fantastic book to your own book collection, BookScouter is here to help you find great deals. With BookScouter.com, you can easily compare prices and get this book at an amazing price.