Knock, knock! Who’s there? It’s AUTUMN!

The memories of hot, carefree summer days are still so fresh and will warm our hearts for a very long time. We hope you’ve made the most out of this sunny season. And now, when you still don’t think about the upcoming New Year’s rush, you can slow down for a while and indulge entirely in autumn time with its unique charm and tranquility.

Everyone is busy with their own business. The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing color, students are returning to college, and street passers-by start wearing cozy sweaters and wrapping scarves.

Of course, it may seem that autumn is a gray time of apathy, depression, and bad weather. But let’s put a different perspective on this season. Autumn is a particular time when everyone wants to create comfort literally everywhere — starting from the apartment and ending with the soul. In addition, many people consider this time of year as a good kick up the backside for self-developing because you can allocate time to take stock, draw conclusions, rewrite plans, decide on unexpected changes or find the courage to try new things. This is precisely what we’d like to offer you.

Without further ado, we’ve compiled a fall bucket list that is guaranteed to cheer you up, create the right autumn mood and fill this season with unforgettable impressions.

Make sure you tick off all the fall bucket list ideas before autumn blues catches up with you. Let new emotions and inspiration come into your life!

Fall Bucket List 2022

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