Got your Halloween party costume sorted yet? Maybe you’ve had something in the works from the end of August. Maybe you’ve had it all planned from the moment over-sweetened PSLs, scarves, turning leaves, and endless memes on the same appear on our horizons and screens.

If not, no excuses for your witch and black-cat basics – here at BookScouter HQ, we’d like to think you can do a little better. Don’t believe us? We come to the rescue with 10 curated and fabulous picks from YA and classic lit:

Alice In Wonderland – An eternal cliché of the season and lists like this, but for good reason, with a wealth of inspiration for group and individual costume ideas, eerie, clever, and wholesome. Maybe you’ll go for the tried and true, or maybe you’ll retire the Disney blue dress and Alice band this year. If so, start here:

Rabbits, Hatters, and a clever take on the eat-me, drink-me house imagery:

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – A concept that can work double-duty: bring joy to your inner Janeite (perhaps recycling your Jane Austen Festival outfits), while getting some good Napoleonic prop-weapon action in – check out this Regency Zombie Slayer How-To from cosplayer Cut Out and Keep:

The Hunger Games – Another favourite of Con goers and cosplayers everywhere, with ample variations for the deeply committed and those working on a shoestring. There’s Katniss costumes of every stripe and more:

Buy online, or try a DIY version, like this one from Simple As That:

Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys – these easy to pull together costumes take inspiration from the Mid Century golden-era of the teenage sleuth, using items that might lurk in the back of your closet, or that of someone you know.
Go preppy with blogger Nancy Buono, or explore some easy pairs division and sibling costume opportunities. There’s thrifty, feminist versions, like this one:

(With some tweaks, these looks can also double as some Chilling Adventures of Sabrina costumes for after dark), per this one from

Harry Potter – Another idea which lends itself to group and individual costume fun, for every price range, with plenty of seasonal witch, wizard, ghoul and magical creature characters to choose from, to suit all timescales and budgets:

 For the ambitious and those who feel Hogwarts robes are just a little played out, try a Beauxbatons uniform (Per Our Shield Maiden’s pretty take), or this richly detailed Minerva McGonegall tribute.

Percy Jackson – This YA fantasy series by Rick Riordan continues to inspire, with incredible single and pairs costumes looking to the books and to the (controversially adapted) 2010 film – this guide from LoveToKnow gives a handy rundown of achievable DIY options, but if you’re not up for homemade swords and armour plating, why not try this off-duty Demi-God look?

Maze Runner – with entire Pinterest boards dedicated to DIY character costumes and those which evoke place and time, as well as some choice selections on Etsy for those with more to spend, there’s plenty to get Greenies safely through the Glade and spooky season:

Coraline – feeling bold enough for blue hair? A little dye, or a well-chosen wig and some clever clothing choices take you right into Neil Gaiman’s unsettling Other world – like this cute and quirky couples’ choice:

Game of Thrones – Lannisters (with Iron Thrones attached)? Nightwalkers? Mother of Dragons? Actual Dragons? Whatever your Westeros allegiances, we’ve got you covered, right here:

Though the HBO series features many iconic characters, try this Lady Stoneheart costume if you want to keep your focus on the books.

The Princess Bride: a cult favourite for well-read teens (and their parents), as well as another great choice for coordinated pairs or couples costumes:

Bonus/honorable BookScouter mentions go to: 

Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy – An Arthur Dent outfit might be the ultimate in lazy literary comfort-costuming. If you’re up for slightly more effort this year, check out the many Marvin costume ideas online.

His Dark Materials – Strong steampunk influences and distinctive characters abound, in costumes based on Philip Pullman’s immense multiverse. Daemons optional for those who draw the line at carrying around stuffed animals for a night’s revels.

Ready Player One –  while the film’s gamer-guy (or girl) look might prove inescapable if you’ve seen the Spielberg movie, it’s also very easy to reproduce for the cash or time-strapped:

Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Not had enough blue hair action yet? Find more in this clever  Karou costume idea.

Got even more literary costume ideas you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments and socials. Better yet, show us your pics!