best Rebecca Yarros books

When Rebecca Yarros released Fourth Wing in May 2023, she may not have realized that she had written the next pop culture phenomenon and the most explosively popular book of the year.

But before taking over the online reading community, Yarros had been writing. A lot.

Self-described as a “hopeless romantic”, Yarros had spent a decade publishing romance books before Fourth Wing gave her unprecedented popularity. As a military wife of over 20 years, she found solace in romance books during her husband’s deployment, which nurtured her writing niche.

Rebecca Yarros’ books have three common themes: romance, military, and open discussions of tragedy. Sweet, heart-wrenching, and a touch of spice—her tales captivate readers who yearn for a rollercoaster of emotions with each page turn.

If you enjoy Nicholas Sparks or Colleen Hoover, the following seven Rebecca Yarros books might be your next obsession.

Fourth WingFourth Wing

Fourth Wing is the first book in The Empyrean series, currently comprised of two books, with three more to come.

Violet Sorrengail is a bookworm eager to spend the rest of her life among texts and history. However, her mother has different plans—she is the Commanding General and wants her daughter to become an elite dragon rider.

The problems? Many: she’s not particularly strong, her mother has earned her additional enemies, and many highly covet this deadly position. The price of graduating from Basgiath War College may be her life.

With Fourth Wing, Yarros stepped away from the contemporary romance niche that had dominated her bibliography thus far and entered the world of Fantasy Romance. The result was a breakthrough hit that, within months, became a BookTok darling and her most famous novel.

The Things We Leave UnfinishedThe Things We Leave Unfinished

As famous author Scarlett Stanton passes away, she leaves behind an unfinished manuscript and a Colorado state. Her great-granddaughter Georgia takes over both, following a painful divorce and a yearning for a new start.

The problem is that she’s not the only one inheriting from Scarlett. Famous novelist Noah Harrison is hired to complete Scarlett’s last manuscript, but his outlook clashes with Georgia’s when they realize the story is based on Scarlett’s tragic romance amidst World War II.

The Things We Leave Unfinished is a tragic and bittersweet romance that intertwines two couples—past and present—to drive the impactful ending forward.

The Last LetterThe Last Letter

Beckett Gentry receives the letter he never wanted: a goodbye one, sent posthumously by his best friend Ryan after the war takes his life. His last wish is only one: for Beckett to leave the Army and look after Ryan’s little sister, Ella.

Ella has lost everyone in her life—her parents, her grandmother, and now her brother. As she raises her twin sons alone, the only solace in her life is Chaos, whom she meets through letters. She doesn’t know he’s Beckett.

The Last Letter is a Rebecca Yarros book that focuses on so-called “broken people”—those who have been hurt yet try to heal their shattered lives through love during grief. It’s bittersweet and poignant, apt for tragedy enthusiasts.

Great and Precious ThingsGreat And Precious Things

The three Daniels brothers and Willow were inseparable as children in their small town. As adults, the brothers left Willow behind to go to war. Only two of them returned alive.

Soon after his arrival, Camden Daniels left the town. He knew he’d never be forgiven. But when outside circumstances force him to return, he must confront his past—and her, Willow. The girlfriend of his late brother and the only woman he has ever loved.

Many tropes can describe Great and Precious Things—small-town romance, friends-to-lovers, military romance, and more. But beyond that, the book addresses tragedy, family, guilt, and repentance.

Iron FlameIron Flame

As the second entry of The Empyrean Series, Iron Flame directly continues the plotline established in Fourth Wing through the eyes of Violet Sorrengail. This time, facing challenges unlike anything before.

After all, dragon-riding is not for the weak, frail, or delicate. And while Violet may be all three, she has a privileged wit and a strong determination to help her make it through—at least, if she can manage not to crumble down.

Iron Flame continues Yarros’ dive into the “romantasy” genre, deepening the relationship developed in the previous book and expanding the complex worldbuilding of her universe.

Full MeasuresFull Measures

Full Measures, published in 2014, stands out among Rebecca Yarros’ books as her first published romance novel and the start of her love affair with military fiction.

December Howard is a proud army brat and the oldest child in her household. So, when soldiers told them that her father had died serving his country, it was up to her to support her grieving mother and younger siblings. Luckily, she has her boyfriend—and Josh Walker, her old crush and new next-door neighbor.

The first entry in the Flight & Glory series, Full Measures is not perfect, but it encapsulates everything that Rebecca Yarros is known for, giving a clear insight into what makes her books what they are.

Muses and MelodiesMuses and Melodies

Muses and Melodies is the third and final book of the Hush Notes series, a multi-authorial project that features a collection of stand-alone yet interconnected romance stories.

In this book, Yarros is in charge of writing the romance between Nixon Winters, the lead guitarist of the band and certified bad boy, and his assistant manager, Zoe Shannon. Zoe has to look after Nixon for a few months, and her reward will be the privilege of managing her own band—but Nixon is about to hit rock bottom, and his past keeps haunting him.

The book is a contemporary romance that features dark topics and approaches mental health and addiction, so readers beware.

Have You Been Captivated By Rebecca Yarros’ Books?

With a finely tuned formula, Rebecca Yarros has perfected the concoction that encapsulates her bibliography.

Using militaristic settings as a backdrop for heart-wrenching tales of romance, loss, and hope, Yarros gives her books a tear-jerking quality that readers cannot get enough of. Whether a contemporary setting or a fantasy story, each narrative will delight readers with a penchant for romances that touch the soul.