25 websites to get help with your homework

Homework is stressful. Students often have difficulty understanding the material and are not able to complete assignments on time. Modern technology can help. Many different websites offer online homework and study aids to ensure students gain the confidence they need to learn and succeed. Most websites have professional online tutors to help students in a variety of subjects.

Some university rules consider using online homework help as plagiarism and cheating. However, websites can be beneficial. The way you use a site determines the legality of a website. Remember that paying someone to help you with homework is not illegal since the service is an academic help and provided in good faith. Most sites are conscientious about ensuring the work is your own.

1. 24 Hour Answers

You only pay for what you need and not for an entire system. There are no hidden fees, and the price of this service is unique for every work order submitted. The price depends on the length of the session, level of work difficulty, and the tutor’s expertise. 24 Hour Answers offers help in anthropology, astronomy, biology, business, chemistry, computer science, earth science, education, and many more. Also provided is exam prep class plus study sessions. To submit your homework, click on the form, type your homework questions, attach files, and wait for an answer—schedule online tutoring for the best help with your homework.

2. Academicadvantage.com

Highly educated tutors focus on students in grades K-12. The study emphasizes academic improvement and building confidence, developing minds through one-on-one and group tutoring. Academic Advantage is a respected and successful online tutoring program providing quality education to tens of thousands of students presented in a professional, flexible, and result-oriented environment.

3. Chelsea International Education

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Use this premium in-person and online tutoring service to boost your grades in different subjects, English tutoring, learning study skills, and working for college prep classes. SAT Test Prep online costs $150; English Language online starts from $75, and private tutoring in Math (in-person) begins at $100.00.

Average tutoring sessions are an hour, but language classes can last 30 minutes. SAT and ACT prep classes usually last about 2 hours. How much time you spend on your tutoring depends on the homework assignment and the student’s needs.

4. Chegg

Chegg allows you to take a photo of your homework question, and you will receive an answer in 30 minutes or less. The website provides study tools 24/7 at the cost of $14.95 per month (you can cancel at any time). Homework helps include test prep, professional proofreading, and course help with biology, business, engineering, math, and science. You have expert questions and answers and experts to help you understand your assignments.

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5. Creative Live

For less than $13 per month, you can get 24/7 access through your desktop, mobile, or TV to new classes and tutoring. We provide exclusive content for subscribers and allow you to download lessons for offline viewing. The right tools to change your career, do better in school, and learn from the world’s top creators. Iconic entrepreneurs and the best-in-class do-ers teach what they know. Tutors are photographers, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, writers, and professionals of all types.

6. Eduboard

Students who are stuck with homework and need answers to problems can contact Eduboard. The site will connect you to a professional tutor online who will provide the most enhanced solution quickly. The tutors are very qualified professionals and teachers who want to share their knowledge and help with homework. You can study under the guidance of expert tutors and learn from well-planned test preparation methods. Upload your assignment, list your problem in your Eduboard account or use the interactive whiteboard to get online tutoring sessions.

7. GeeklyHub

College students spend at least 17 hours a week working on homework tasks. At the same time, students work part-time while studying, and they also have social lives. GeeklyHub has an answer. All you do is explain your problem to a Geek, get matched or choose the Geek that sounds best for you, work with your Geek, and your problems are solved. Payment is sent to a Geek only after the request, and you are satisfied with the outcome.

Payment starts at $22 an hour (a bargain), and you only pay 30% at the time of your order. The rest of the fee is requested after you finish working with your Geek. GeeklyHub, just last week, had over 800 students sign up for homework help. Time is money, and paying a tutor is well worth it.

8. Growingstars.com

Growing Stars is an affordable online homework help and tutoring platform that designs its program to be convenient and accessible wherever you are. One-on-one tutoring sessions and curriculum tailored to the student: what better study group do you need? Students work with an assigned tutor, and these tutors teach from the same textbook the student uses in their schoolwork.

Students access homework, instructional materials, and tests at the student portal. Additional homework help for Math is available for free to those Math students enrolled in the 8/hour month programs.

9. HashLearn

You can have an expert tutor help you with physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology through award-winning doubt clearing methods included in your Passport (hashlearn) subscription. Students have unlimited access to recorded classes by expert teachers. These teachers promise they know the most challenging concepts and can solve the most complex problems. HashLearn offers a free trial.

10. HelpStudy

HelpStudy connects students with writers from all fields of study. Every writer on the team undergoes vetting before they join the group. Candidates are tested on style, punctuation, grammar, and communication skills. Only the top performers work on your papers.

HelpStudy asks that you don’t pay until you are satisfied. Your deposit stays in a holding account while the writer compiles and perfects your order. There are unlimited edits and revisions offered. In addition to student-friendly essays, HelpStudy presents editing and proofreading services to evaluate your draft and make it submission-ready. Your confidentiality is the top priority. You can stay anonymous throughout your experience without putting your reputation and academic integrity at risk.

11. Juni Learning

Juni strives to empower students to discover what they do best by giving them expert mentorship, strong community support, and a fun learning experience. Juni provides courses and helps in computer science like scratch, python, java, and many more. They also teach students to think like an entrepreneur, offer tutors in mathematics, and offer English tutoring to harness the power of the word.

Juni offers two weeks of instruction for free, and then sessions range from $140/month for one subject to $450 a month for 400+ minutes of learning. Start by choosing a membership plan and class frequency, choose your schedule, instructor, and courses, and start free 2-week trial.

12. Kahoot!

Kahoot is the ideal homework help for students who like online games. There are 100 million ready-to-play lessons that engage students with games that support learning. Kahoot! Standard engages audiences and tests knowledge retention. There can be up to 20 participants in each gaming session, and quiz questions are available. You can try the system for free for seven days or buy it for $19 per month. Homework help includes self-paced challenges, Zoom integration, and playing with teams to get answers to questions.

13. Khan Academy

Khan Academy gives practice exercises, instructional videos, and personalized learning to students. It empowers students to study at their own pace and outside of the classroom. Tutors help with math, science, computing, history, art, economics, and many more. They also do K-14 classes and test preparation for SA, LSAT, and Praxis. Khan Academy focuses on skill mastery to build strong foundations. Teacher dashboards provide summaries of class performance and help determine where a student needs more coaching.

Khan Academy believes education is a human right. As a nonprofit, it offers free, world-class education for anyone who lives anywhere.

14. LessonFace

LessonFace is an online marketplace connecting students with music, language, and acting teachers to help them learn online or in person. Teachers set their rates with the student. If you want to start with Lessonface tutors, select the lesson category on the drop-down menu on the booking page, choose the length of the lesson, select your skill level, and click schedule lesson. If you want recurring lessons, indicate the total number of lessons you want to take.

You can schedule a lesson for just about any type of music, from jazz piano, trumpet to guitar.

15. OneClass

OneClass vows to fill in the gaps in your college education. Homework help is right on the website. You ask a question and receive answers from tutors, classmates, and experts who work with OneClass. Questions are answered in accounting, algebra, anthropology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, calculus, and many more. For unlimited access to Homework Help with OneClass, you need a subscription. Subscriptions start at $9 per month or $24 yearly.

16. PaperCoach

The site offers suggestions on great writing essays, research papers, term papers, and articles. PaperCoach also provides plagiarism detection and Grammarly for perfect docs. Site uses writers who are well-owned and who have published works. Prices range from $10 per paper for a one-page 275-word essay. Check out the website for other pricing. It provides a 3-hour deadline for your work and are 100% safe.

17. School Solver

All subjects are covered. You type in the title of your question to start, and expert tutors will answer your question. You pay what you can afford, and it offer complete privacy options. There is a money-back guarantee if the answer is not correct.

When you ask a question, determine how much you are willing to pay for the answer. If you are not receiving help, renegotiate the price. Remember, getting tutoring support is not cheating. School Solver gives step-by-step explanations to help students find the correct answers.

18. SweetStudy

Get help from top tutors in any subject like applied science, biology, math, business, chemistry, computer science, geology, education, law, and many more. Tutors are there when you need them, and tutors have a track record of success. SweetStudy is affordable with negotiable rates. You only pay for a service when you accept an offer. Prices start at approximately $9.00.

Post your questions, and a teacher will be there to help you. You can review offers, including pricing, accept the request, and get on with your homework help.

19. Skooli

There is an online tutor for you on Skooli. Connect with the best-licensed teachers from across the world. Learn from a one-on-one tutor who is certified in specific subject. Review profiles and read reviews to choose the tutor that is best for you. You can also learn in a digital classroom. Chat, write, draw, and speak, send files, and do research online. Rewatch your tutoring session any time you need a review.

Starter plans begin at $0.82 per minute, and you pay as you go. You can try out the Genius plan for $0.73 a minute for 8 hours or $352.

20. Studypool

Sign up and post your questions. Set a time limit and a price range and choose to make your post anonymous. Suppose you are in a time crunch, select study emergency. You will receive bids from verified tutors who will help you. You can select a tutor by comparing reviews and profiles or have Studypool match you with a tutor based on your profile.

Sit back and wait for your tutor to provide you with a thorough answer. You can also use the messenger feature to collaborate, or you need further explanations for a problem. You only need to pay if you are satisfied with your tutor.

Studypool is 100% private and gives you complete control over how you learn. You can ask questions, get answers, and raise your grades in complete confidence in your tutor and the service.

21. Tutor.com

More than 200 subjects are available, and Tutor.com employs 3,000+ subject matter experts. Students have access to tutors online 24/7, and self-help quizzes are included. There is bilingual tutoring in Spanish and English available for math, science, and social studies. Tutor.com helps students understand core concepts and helps students if they are stuck on a subject. Tutor.com will help you get better grades, and 96% of students would recommend Tutor.com. One hour a month of tutoring includes on-demand sessions plus access on a tablet, desktop, or mobile at $39.99 per month.

22. TutorMe

TutorMe features on-demand tutoring 24/7 and in 30 seconds. You can get help even if you have only one small problem, or book a three-hour learning session. Tutors are thoroughly screened. Lesson spaces feature virtual whiteboards, text editions, audio/video chat, screen sharing. Site covers over 300 subjects across all grade levels.

You can gain excellent grades and learn a lot by subscribing to a monthly term. Two hours of tutoring is $69 per month, 4 hours is $119 per month, and 9 hours of tutoring is $209 per month. It also has a pay-as-you-go plan that is $1 per minute of tutoring.

23. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors works with children who have dyslexia, ADD, or any other learning difference. In other words, students learn in unique ways and have challenging needs. A mentor who knows how to focus and work with EIPs and 504 plans offers personalized approaches. Every educator/tutor goes through a vetting process that includes in-depth interviews, subject knowledge, educating virtually, and passing all personal background checks. Classes include art, English, enrichments, languages, math, science, and test prep.

24. Wize/Wizedemy

Wize offers high-quality content given from expert-led videos, guided practice, prep booklets, and class notes. You learn at your own pace. If you need long-term learning support to help prep for a one-time exam, service will help you. There are over 100,000 students who are studying with Wize in accounting, biology, chemistry, economics, English, finance, math, physics, and more.

Students say that Wize explains concepts concisely and is easy to understand. They like working through the simplified course and having practice questions. 91% of all students would recommend Wize to a friend.

25. Wyzant

Wyzant believes that one-to-one learning works, and it works better if tutors are accessible, affordable, and convenient. That is the premise of the website to develop an easier way to connect students with experts. Wyzant teaches 300+ subjects and employs 65,000+ instructors. There are no subscriptions or upfront payments – you pay for results only.

Your journey starts by finding a tutor and working through online sessions that take place one-on-one with your tutor in a digital classroom. There is a real-time video chat for direct communication, an interactive whiteboard, and a real-time text editing option.

These websites help students with homework. Homework help is essential to help students manage their stress levels, control the amount of work, and get better grades in college as well. It has been studied and proven that homework help is essential to improve your memory and thinking skills. It also helps students develop positive study and learning habits. Homework encourages learners to use time wisely, learn independently, and take responsibility. Help with homework platforms reinforce those skills.