We are excited to announce the winner of the BookScouter Quarterly Book Scholarship! Our winner is Raegen Bennett from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, who is majoring in Biology. Congratulations! We wish you to be a brilliant and passionate student with a fantastic career ahead of you!

Raegen has shared with us that her most expensive textbook was Precalculus: A Custom Text for UNLV that costs $215. Out of 131 outstanding students from all over the US who applied for the scholarship in the last two terms, Raegen gets a $500 scholarship that she can use towards buying textbooks. Let’s hope the BookScouter Scholarship will help her reduce some of the expenses of studying at UNLV.

Why Do We Care for the Book Scholarship?

Student debt is a pressing issue of the last decades with no easy solution at hand. Moreover, students face everyday expenses of living on campus as well as hidden costs of studying at a college. Purchasing textbooks is one of those hidden costs. Nobody tells you upon admission that you will need to cash out thousands of dollars on buying college books. If you are wondering why textbooks cost so much (and why new editions are issued almost every second year), check this article.

That is why BookScouter has started this initiative to help many brilliant students lower their textbook expenses. Every quarter, we award one student with a $500 scholarship to be used for purchasing their textbooks. We also try to raise awareness of this issue and provide students with alternative ways of saving money when buying textbooks.

How to Apply for the BookScouter Quarterly Book Scholarship

Don’t miss your chance to apply for the $500 scholarship on our website — we randomly assign a winner four times a year, and your odds are pretty high! 

The only prerequisite is that you should be an enrolled student in an accredited university or college at the time of application submission and award announcement. Click on the “apply” button and complete the questionnaire. Make a video in which you present yourself (your name and your major) and tell us about the most expensive textbook you had to buy for your studies. Don’t forget to mention its price! Attach this one-minute video to your application and submit it! Each quarter, we will randomly choose a winner of the book scholarship.

BookScouter is eager to help all of the students who applied for the textbooks scholarship. If you did not get a scholarship this time, don’t despair and participate again! In the meantime, use BookScouter price comparison tools to find the best vendor to buy and rent your textbooks, used or new.