You passed your classes with the help of your tried and true college textbooks this semester, and now you’re not sure if you should hang on to these beloved books or sell them.

I mean, you made so many good memories together. All the late nights studying and coffee dates. They were always there to help you think through new and exciting ideas. It’s like your old friends. You don’t want to let them go now, do you?

So you’ve been wondering, “Do I need textbooks for college?”

Here Are 3 Reasons not to Sell Your College Textbooks

Use Your College Textbook as a Reference

Use books as reference | Source:

Whether it be for another college course or your career, keep the textbooks that have critical information or helpful visuals. If you are uncertain of the future helpfulness of the book, chat with a professor or a student further along. Learn what they recommend. Keep in mind, you may be able to resell the book now and then buy it back for pennies later on. 

Hello, Interior Design!

If you love the look of the book or the color of the binding, or just have too many books, keep them to add to the decor. You can turn a stack of your favorite textbooks into a side table or display them nicely on the shelf. Plus, it might impress your friends.

Be Generous

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One more reason not to sell your college textbooks is when you have a friend who might need them in a semester or two. Feel free to donate your used books to them. If the price point isn’t right for resale, consider donating your book to the local library or your school’s library. Being nice feels good.

Are the textbooks you have on hand too good to be used in any above-mentioned way?

If you want to sell your textbooks, type in their ISBNs in the search field and learn how much money you can make by selling your textbook by checking all BookScouter offers.

Textbook lists are constantly being updated, so you can choose vendors with the best price offers. If you do not have a strong reason to keep the book, it is best to sell or rent it in the first place.