They say good things don’t come cheap, and these words have been proven true more times than ever, especially when the good thing in question is Education. Education, as an integral part of human and societal development, doesn’t come cheap, and our list of the top 10 most expensive colleges in the US certainly proves that.

Today, we take a look at 10 different colleges that have peaked when it comes to their college tuition. We also look at why these higher schools of learning have the most expensive college tuition. Read on as we discover America’s most expensive colleges and what makes learning in these colleges so highly-priced.

1. Harvey Mudd College

So, what is the most expensive college in America? We answer that by heading to California, where we discover the most expensive college in not just the US but also the world. This private college was founded in 1955 and requires a whooping $80,036 tuition fee to get in, showing how big a deal studying here is.

Many reasons contribute to the expensive tuition of Harvey Mudd College. Firstly, the college ranks second in the US when it comes to the rate of STEM Ph.D. production. It is also a college that scores in the top 20 of Forbes’s best schools in the country.

Another premium feature of this college is its engineering program which has been dubbed the best in the country. Other courses offered include Sciences, Mathematics, and Information Technology.

2. Johns Hopkins College

Coming in second on our list of the most expensive colleges in the US is a private American research university. Located in the Baltimore region of Maryland, Johns Hopkins College is a 146-year-old college founded by Johns Hopkins, who was a businessman and philanthropist.

It holds up as the first of its kind because the college was indeed the first research university in the country. And not just that, Johns Hopkins College contributes more to American research than any other higher institution in the country.

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All these contribute to the $68,852 students pay as tuition for one of the leading schools in the department of teaching and research. To this day, there have been 27 Nobel Laureates produced by Johns Hopkins College.

3. Parsons School Of Design

The third most expensive college in the US is an art design college with a twist. The college has its base in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City and boasts a reputation as the country’s leading college in the department of arts and design.

Dubbed as one of the elite New School’s five colleges, students pay $67,266 as tuition just to attend the school, and we can see why.

Founded in 1896 by William Merritt Chase, Parsons School Of Design is one for students interested in arts and design to nurture their arts and design skills with the help of innovative teaching methods. These methods have led to the immediate rise in the careers of artists and designers in creativity and political prowess.

4. Dartmouth College

The 4th most expensive college in the US is a well-renowned classic institution. Founded in 1769, Dartmouth College ranks as the 9th oldest higher institution of learning. For more than 200 years, the college has been going strong in its provision of top-quality education in different programs and departments.

With its $67,044 worth of tuition fees, students get access to world-class education in 40 different undergraduate and postgraduate programs, some of which include Medicine, Engineering, Art, Sciences, and Business. As high as the fees are, Dartmouth College still records a population of over 6,000 students, with two-thirds of the population made up of undergraduates.

5. Columbia University

Formerly known as King’s College, the highly-rated research institution is well known for its reputation as the 5th oldest institution of higher education in the United States. Columbia University is a product of the great goal of George II of Great Britain to establish a college that offers groundbreaking research and teaching methods.

Since its founding in 1754 and its rebranding to Columbia University 30 years later, Columbia University has established itself as a hub of exceptional discoveries. Examples of such great discoveries include Nuclear piles, nuclear magnetic resonance, and brain-computer interface.

And Columbia University isn’t just expensive; it’s also elite and very selective. It is the second most selective in the US, with a 5% acceptance rate, and when you also factor in the $66,383 cost of learning, it’s no wonder why the school screams elite.

6. New York University

Coming in 6th on our list of the most expensive colleges in the US is the renowned, highly coveted, and most popular of all higher institutions currently on our list. Since the college was founded in 1831, it has grown into the largest educational community in the country, offering students world-class higher learning in the fields of Social Sciences, Arts, Nursing, and Dentistry to name a few.

With a tuition of $65,860, the price of learning at one of the most diverse colleges is more than made up for because New York University is an institution with a track record of producing highly-sought graduates. It’s no wonder the college is highly placed in the country’s Graduates Employability Rankings.

7. Sarah Lawrence College

Regarded as an Ivy League College, the elite Sarah Lawrence College has been a pioneer in the coeducational liberal arts since its founding in 1926. Since the institution was brought to life by William Van Duzer Lawrence, Sarah Lawrence College has implemented new and exciting methods that allow students to define their paths.

This freedom allotted to students is what earns the Ivy League College its reputation as one of the top liberal arts colleges. Another factor is the college’s pursuit of top-quality education, especially for women, through detailed teaching from academic members.

It costs $65,443 to study at Sarah Lawrence College, and students have a choice of either picking from the 12 programs on offer or designing their custom courses according to their academic and career goals.

Another unique thing about Sarah Lawrence College is the varied educational opportunities available to its students. One of such opportunities includes the chance to further their education outside the country in places like France and Japan. This is why Sarah Lawrence is not just one of the most expensive colleges in the US but also one of the most prestigious.

8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

One of the colleges we’re sure you’ve been waiting to see on this list. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT as it’s popularly known, ranks 8th on the list of most expensive colleges in the US, with a tuition of $65,500.

The prestigious institution is renowned for its high ratings in the research department. Founded in 1861, MIT has five schools of learning. They include Engineering, Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Architecture and Planning.

The Cambridge-based institute is also highly rated when it comes to research development and innovative teaching methods. Based on the list of courses offered, it is clear that MIT focuses on educational innovation, which has formed the basis of its educational philosophy.

Furthermore, MIT researchers are the leading individuals in the fields of artificial intelligence and environmental development and sustainment. It’s a very popular institution and a top choice for any science enthusiast.

Adding to the prestigious status of MIT is the college’s production of 93 Nobel Laureates and 26 Turing Award winners. A distinguished feat that highlights the elite status of the college.

9. University of Chicago

We move down to Illinois, Chicago where our 9th place entry was founded in 1856. The University of Chicago is also a research institution, and it thrives on its reputation as a highly-rated University that constantly ranks high in all areas of higher education at both national and international levels.

With a learning cost of $64,965, students are opportune to grace the University’s prestige grounds and journey through the different professional schools on offer. The University of Chicago succeeds in improving the levels of academic discipline beyond the ordinary.

At the University, students have the choice of studying Law, Economics, and Sociology; courses that have been greatly influenced by the University, amongst many other courses.

10. Claremont McKenna College

Rounding off our list is the classy and prestigious College located in the east county of Claremont. The Claremont McKenna College is our 10th pick, and it ranks even higher when it comes to the provision of liberal arts to the citizens of the nation.

With tuition costing $64,325, the expectations are sure to be high, and as expected, the institution doesn’t disappoint. In addition to being a liberal arts college, Claremont McKenna College emphasizes Political Science and Business Management.

Also, the college houses eleven research centers dedicated to actualizing the University’s motto of civilization via commerce.