Every decision you make – good or bad – affects your life’s path. For students, any minor distraction and breaks in concentration can have a dramatic effect on their studies. Laziness and lack of motivation are fine from time to time, but there will always be a need to push them to continue their studies.

How can students, like yourself even, stay motivated and thwart laziness? It boils down to finding something that inspires you, which is what the following 10 motivational quotes were designed to do when they were first spoken.

Most people focus on the big things in life, forgetting just how precious little things can be and the difference they can make.

For students, the goal tends to be getting an A in every subject. Rather than focusing on the larger goal, break it up into smaller ones. For example, begin with scoring an A on a test or paper you wrote. Get an A on a single lesson, then look to do the whole subject. 

The key is to be better than the person you were the day before, not be better than someone else.

Minute changes in your habits and lifestyle can have a significant impact on your life. Changes in how and how often you study, how and the time you go to sleep, and so much more can impact your way of life. The key is to change things so that they can be advantageous to your situation. 

It’s not uncommon for students to have doubt in themselves, but it’s this doubt and uncertainty that causes them to have unrealized dreams. Avoid feeling that doubt and focus on improving your talents and skills to perfect yourself. 

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According to this Elliot quite, people can push themselves to go further and attain their goals. Rather than be in the box, you go beyond it and think outside of it. You take risks, showing yourself (and the world) your capabilities.

Apprehension and fear can keep you from achieving what it is you want. It can keep you from making good grades on that test or paper and assuredly flunking it. Don’t allow fear to dictate your life. If you never try, you will fail. 

It’s never been more perfectly said that knowledge is a powerful thing. Your education is one thing that nobody can strip from you. Although money is the one thing people tend to go after, it’s the knowledge that proves to be the most valuable. It will take you a lot further and give you the tools to grow beyond your physical self.

Success begins with an idea and goal. What do you want to attain from your life? What are you looking for from life? When you have no motivation to go on, think back on the idea and goal, so you continue to work toward success.

If you dream you’ll get a good grade on the paper or test, chances are you will work hard to ensure it. If your dream is to enter a particular college/university, you will work hard to make sure that happens. Nothing good in life comes free and easy, but working toward it does help to increase your chances of success.

When someone is great at something, it’s because they’re taking steps to ensure success happens for them. For you to be successful, you must be dedicated and enthusiastic about those goals you have.

If you’re going to be the best person you can be, you’ll need to work for it. If your goal is to do well on a paper/thesis, you must find a topic you are passionate about and do all the research you can to create a well-thought-out paper. You are the person that can see your goals come to fruition.

Everybody looks for motivation, but the reality is the best source of motivation is yourself. You alone have the power and ability to attain the goals and dreams you have. However, if you need a little help, use any of the 10 above quotes to get you started on your journey today.