So What’s the Deal?

BookScouter Deals is useful for any business looking to use BookScouter as a marketplace for flipping books. It identifies textbook arbitrage opportunities by finding books with the greatest differences in the lowest price offered and the highest selling price. No need to waste your time constantly checking the prices of books. Save time and money by letting Deals do the work for you.

Textbook Arbitrage Step by Step

Simply set a desired minimum price for a book, and Deals will notify you when the price reaches your set threshold. Basically, you buy the book from the cheapest vendor then sell it right back to the highest bidder. The difference is your net profit. Note that BookScouter Deals is a part of the Pro subscription, thus, requires you to have a BookScouter pro account. Click on the “Pro Tools” link at the top of the homepage, and on the right side of the screen directly opposite “Book-Buying Tools” is the “ BookScouter Deals” button.

  1. To start, Log in to your BookScouter account and navigate to your user homepage.
  2. Click on the “BookScouter Deals” button, which will take you to a new page showing you potential profits through the lowest Amazon offers and highest buyback prices. You can narrow the search by entering a minimum and maximum price and profit, the number of days the transaction was latest verified, and the minimum return percent. Deals has textbook arbitrage down to a science.
  3. Once you have found a book you want to flip, click the ISBN . You will be brought to the BookScouter page.
  4. Find the book online or use our buying tool to find the lowest possible price for your book. Use the BookScouter mobile app or mobile site to scan books on the go! This will help you determine if these books are worth buying.
  5. Lastly, go to our selling page to resell your book for the highest possible price (for further information, see your sell instructional section).