Economics is one of those abstract fields most of us have heard of without having much understanding of its actual meaning. Simply put, it is a field that focuses on the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services and it is rife with theoretical and mathematical frameworks that economists have studied for centuries.

As one can imagine, great textbooks that can effectively summarize centuries of economics concepts in ways that can keep students engaged is a difficult task. There are, however, some textbooks that are up to the mark and provide great introductions to the foundational concepts of economic theory.

BookScouter has gathered 10 of the best economics textbooks that cover macroeconomics, microeconomics, and everything in between.


by N. Gregory Mankiw

Aside from its magnificent cover, Mankiw’s Macroeconomics has been an essential economics book since its first edition. Macroeconomics excels in its approach to macroeconomics theory, research and policy for students and professionals to apply complex economic concepts to current events and policies.

Cambridge IGCSE® and O Level Economics Coursebook

by Susan Grant

This textbook covers the entire macroeconomics IGCSE curriculum and prepares its reader for exams by breaking down important economic theories, principles, and terminology. The coursebook provides high school students with an economics foundation for more advanced economics study.

Basic Economics

by Thomas Sowell

Economics is not always simple or common sense, but in Basic Economics, Thomas Sowell has written a guide that outlines the most important general principles that have shaped economic systems throughout history – this includes capitalist, feudal, and socialist systems. This is the best book for anyone who wants a basic understanding of how the economy frames the world.

Princeton Review AP Economics Micro & Macro Prep, 2022: 4 Practice Tests + Complete Content Review + Strategies & Techniques

by The Princeton Review

There is no question that The Princeton Review publishes some of the best revision and study guides across many disciplines. Their AP Economics Micro & Macro is no exception; Princeton Review provides summaries, illustrations, and figures of essential economics topics. Through this review textbook, students also get access to high-quality study plans, lists of key items and four full-length practice tests.

Principles of Economics

by N. Gregory Mankiw

Mankiw has a second entry on this list with Principles of Economics. With his clear and engaging writing style, Mankiw brings basic economics theories to life and expertly breaks down the core principles of economics.


by Paul Krugman and Robin Wells

Paul Krugman was the 2008 recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. Krugman has gathered his knowledge and expertise to provide an incomparable introduction to economics through contemporary and relevant examples of today’s European economy. Economics tackles a wide range of topics to all to instill a sound knowledge of basic economic theory in its reader.

Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets

by Frederic Mishkin

In this textbook, Mishkin takes on important questions on financial policy to offer students rare insight into the regulation, supervision, and policies of major financial systems from banks to national financial markets. The textbook makes sure to apply core economics principles to real-world examples.

Capital in the Twenty-First Century

by Thomas Piketty

French economist Thomas Piketty delivers a sobering account of two centuries of economic history. Given the sweeping changes global economies have seen in that time, Capital in the Twenty-First Century is a massive undertaking and a scathing account of rising inequality in global economic policy. It is a must-read for any economist or global history enthusiast.

Macroeconomics Global Edition

by Olivier Blanchard

It goes without saying that the last century has moved toward a much more globalized and interconnected world. Blanchard’s Macroeconomics focuses on the relationships between financial and labor markets worldwide. In its seventh edition, Macroeconomics was updated with modern paradigms to help students develop their analytical skills.

Principles of Economics

by N. Gregory Mankiw (MindTap Course List)

Rounding out the list with a final entry by Mankiw is Principles of Economics. Now this textbook has already been on this list but with a cheeky addition: The MindTap Course list. To assure that students and readers truly master the core principles, Principles of Economics is outfitted with outstanding digital resources with MindTap digital learning.

Economics is an incredibly theoretical and sometimes hard-to-reach field of study. Quality non-fiction books and textbooks covering economics topics are essential for those who are learning the field as well as those who are interested in economic topics. These 10 economic textbooks cover the basics and much more.

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