Become fluent in French in no time using our top choice French books. Each one supports you to gain skill and proficiency in the language and culture.

Vis-A-Vis: Beginning French – Access Access Card (with WBLM) 6th 

Evelyne Amon, Judith A Muyskens, Alice C Omaggio Hadley 

Combining contemporary culture with the building blocks of language Vis-à-vis motivates students to constantly improve their skills speaking French. This introduction to French creates a solid foundation into the language providing students with: 


  1. Easy-to-follow chapters which explore vocabulary, grammar, and culture.
  2. Many practical activities, linking to real-life experiences
  3. Learning about the Francophone world through videos from eight different Francophone regions 

The 6th edition of Vis-à-vis now offers Connect French and LearnSmart to give students a fully immersive language learning experience. Unparalleled in their approach the digital lessons and videos complement the messages given in Vis-à-vis and continuously adapt throughout the year to ensure students are learning to the best of their ability. Online technology helps students discover what they need to learn next and how to deliver it to make retention of information easier than ever.

The French Workshop Level I : L’atelier de Francais 4th  

Todd Straus 

Whether you are a French-speaking novice or consider yourself quite a fluent French speaker this book will help develop your knowledge through logical and well-thought-out activities, with repetition built in to help embed learning from the previous chapter. 

Be pleasantly surprised at how fun and interesting Straus has kept learning French. By making grammar and vocabulary appear easy to remember he has managed to create a book that you want to keep reading, keep on learning from and overall refer to over and over in your journey to learning French.

Real French Tout De Suite, Level 1 – Student Activity Book – 09 edition  

Elizabeth Roberts and Denise Clivaz 

Use the student activity workbook alongside your study to test your skills and complete activities to further knowledge learned in class. Written activities accompany conversations during class and reiterate language used to develop understanding in different contexts. 

All the conversations within the program are copied at the back of the book so they are within easy reach for students to follow the lessons and reflect on their work later. This gives students the opportunity to practice a series of conversations before venturing into spontaneous conversations as fluency develops. 

A balance of activities including vocabulary and grammar work, listening comprehension activities, writing, and speaking practice give a well-rounded experience for students to develop all the skills needed to successfully learn French.

Bien dit!: Student Edition Level 1 2018 (French Edition)  

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 

Bien dit! Level one develops students’ skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in French and shows them the opportunities of becoming fluent in French, from its importance around the world to exciting careers. 

This textbook combines the written word with digital learning to give a breath of experiences that go far beyond the classroom. Now available on mobile, students can access Bien dit! from anywhere in the world, content includes interactive activities, an online grammar tutor, and multiple video and audio resources. 

Within this book students can expect: 

  • Fully thought-out lessons offering trusted pedagogy combined with digital activities that take learning beyond the book. 
  • Immersive online learning that enables students to explore locations from all over the French-speaking world using HMH Field Trips. 
  • To read current up-to-date news articles and take part in online networking sessions to discuss current French affairs. 
  • A safe online environment for students to engage. 
  • Activities to prepare students for unscripted conversations in real-life scenarios. 

Portails Looseleaf Textbook

James G. Mitchell, Vista Higher Learning, Cheryl Tano 

A great choice when first learning French, Portails makes understanding the language easy and enjoyable. Develop your grammar, vocabulary, and conversational skills and gain confidence in your abilities to succeed in class.

Portails seamlessly match digital lessons and activities to make learning French a breeze. Learn how you learn best, taking short tests along the way to ensure content is fully understood before moving to the next lesson. 

Portails loose leaf arrives unbound but in a protective binder. Unbound books make it easier to sort the most important and relevant pages needed for lessons and activities. Keep your book neat by adding to a stylish ring binder.