Most of us do not remember algebra too fondly and have probably asked ourselves at one time or another, ‘When will I ever need math – or algebra – for anyway?’ The truth is that, that quadratic formula and those integrals we were all forced to memorise in high school go beyond tests and interminable exercises. Algebra is an essential aspect of many fields and industries including science, business, engineering, and computer science.

Though most of us aren’t tracing graphs or deciphering integrals daily, algebra impacts our day-to-day lives so we all need brave, mathematically inclined students to carry the torch and continue to study algebra and its various applications across all these industries.

Algebra – believe it or not – is an exceptionally broad branch of mathematics and encompasses countless theories, applications that require revision and practice. Great textbooks are important tools for learning the nuances of algebraic theory and practice.

Thankfully, BookScouter has put together a list of ten of the most searched algebra textbooks for the future mathematicians who will need these reliable resources to get through their undergraduate and graduate algebra courses.

Algebra: Structure and Method, Book 1

by Richard G. Brown

This classic algebra textbook is very recognizable among high school students. The textbook breaks down basic algebraic theories and elementary practical principles at a middle grade and high school level.

Algebra: A Complete Introduction: Teach Yourself

by Hugh Neill

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Neill’s textbook covers all the essential algebra topics from basic operations to quadratic equations and logarithms. This introduction is designed to help students improve their knowledge with clear explanations of algebra theory as well as examples and test questions.

Abstract Algebra

by David Dummit and Richard Foote 

Abstract Algebra advances key concepts that underpin algebraic structures. Dummit and Foote begin with the most basic theories and build on existing knowledge with numerous examples to help students best appreciate the mathematical theory and its applications

Linear Algebra: Step by Step

by Kuldeep Singh

Did you know that Google’s search engine relies on linear algebra to rank the results that appear on the search page? Linear algebra is an essential aspect of mathematics that has applications in economics, business, computer science, genetics and many more fields. Singh’s step-by-step guide breaks down the essential theories of linear algebra to undergraduate students.

Introduction to Linear Algebra

by Gilbert Strang

This textbook breaks down linear algebra into basic concepts and builds on them to present professional-level algorithms and code. The newest edition of Introduction to Linear Algebra boasts new chapters that tackle cryptography as well as probability and statistics. The textbook is also accompanied by a dedicated website containing many problems and exercises.

Linear Algebra

by Georgi E. Shilov

In addition to a beautiful cover, Shilov’sLinear Algebra covers linear spaces, functions, quadratic form, and many other linear algebra concepts. Linear Algebra also has several problems to work through.

Practical Algebra: A Self-Teaching Guide

by Peter Selby and Steve Slavin

Why not teach yourself algebra? Practical Algebra is a textbook designed to support those who are learning algebra independently or, who need a refresher course. The authors provide practical techniques to foster problem-solving skills across different fields.

A Book of Abstract Algebra

by Charles Pinter

All the basic concepts of abstract algebra are encompassed in this textbook. Author Charles Pinter introduces both elementary and advanced abstract algebra concepts to engage both junior and senior-level math majors.

Schaum’s Outline of College Algebra

by Murray Spiegel and Robert Moyer

Schaum’s is a perfect guide for mastering the key concepts of algebra. The outline presents basic concepts with step-by-step guides, practice equations, and nearly 300 supplemental problems. Schaum’s gives students more practice opportunities to build on the concepts they cover in class.

Linear Algebra Done Right

by Sheldon Axler

Linear Algebra Done Right is one of the best-selling algebra textbooks. It focuses on understanding the structure of linear operators on finite-dimensional vector spaces. The textbook is also replete with a variety of exercises at the end of each chapter.

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