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Bigger Books is an online bookstore specializing in selling and renting cheap textbooks for college students. It offers a wide range of books and eBooks in various subjects and formats, from hardcover to paperback. They offer savings of up to 91% over list prices by using their proprietary technology. Bigger Books also supports social and environmental causes by donating a book to someone in need. Bigger Books is a convenient and affordable way to get the textbooks you need for your studies.
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Bigger Books Reviews

Jan 26, 2024

Comment: Terrible service. They do not comply with the delivery service they offer and do not inform about changes they make to the order, they do not care about what you need but what is convenient for them.

Aug 17, 2023

Comment: Very dissatisfied. Totally horrible experience. Book was not shipped, not shipped, not shipped and then when tried to cancel order, they ghosted me. Will never recommend or buy from Bigger books again

Jul 05, 2023

Comment: I was not told that the item was not in stock for shipping before I ordered it and that it needed to get to the shipping warehouse first. I needed the book I ordered for class and I expected the company to make up for the extremely long delay with expedited shipping at no extra cost to me, but this did not happen.

Jul 05, 2023

Comment: First time shopping on BB. Very pleased, impressed. Clean site, easy to navigate and order, more so than other sites. Thanks!

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