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TextbookManiac.com buys college textbooks and other types of books. When you sell books to us, you get the best prices available online.

You will be given a free postal label to print and attach to your shipment. When you sell to TextbookManiac, shipping is free!

We will quickly process your buyback order when it arrives at our facility. A check or Paypal payment will promptly be on its way to you.

Students, faculty, professional book buyers, and others are welcome. (Please note we do not buy instructor's edition textbooks.) Bulk sellers can use the "Contact Us" tab on TextbookManiac.com to receive special services and premium pricing.

You can view our book condition requirements at: http://textbookmaniac.com/faq.html.

TextbookManiac.com was founded by former college students. We have ten years of experience in the college textbook industry. Our goal is to provide good buyback prices, quick service, and fast payment on every order.

Give TextbookManiac.com a try. You'll be glad you did!

4003 Holmes Ave. NW
Huntsville, AL 35816-4121

Phone: (256) 513-9181
Phone service is available Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM CST except on Federal holidays.

Pays via PayPal
Pays via Check
Vendor Pays Shipping
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Rating Date Comments
Apr 2017 This company is very honest and doesn't rip of the seller!
Apr 2017 I had some difficulties but at the end i received the money i would recommend textbookmaniac it had a better deal than other websites :)
Apr 2017 I had a positive experience with TextbookManiac. I received the full price I was quoted. Payment was received 12 days after I shipped my books.
Dec 2016 I highly recommend this company... the do not waste your time and payment is received in a timely fashion.
Nov 2016 Tried for 1st time. Payment settled very fast.
Oct 2016 This is my first time using TextbookManiac.

I just want to say the payment was really fast.
Oct 2016 I have had excellent customer service from this website. Once I accidently sent the wrong books to them and they offered to buy the books received or they would have sent them back to me at their cost. My mistake and they were nice enough to make it better for me. I have had no trouble from them and will always send my books to textbookmaniac.com!
Sep 2016 I have been doing business with Textbook Maniac for about 2 years now and have sent them more than 100 buyback orders. Out of the companies I deal with, they are one of my favorite two.

I see some complaints on here about people who received less money for water-damaged books. To be clear, most companies will pay you NOTHING if they receive a water-damaged book. Textbook Maniac is one of the most understanding companies I know of when it comes to less-than-perfect books, and they deserve appreciation for that.

I highly recommend Textbook Maniac.
Sep 2016 I have been selling books to TBM since February, 2014, on a weekly basis. I have had very few problems; most, we have been able to work out. In this business, that is saying a lot. They are one of my most dependable book buying sites and they are pretty easy to work with. I will continue to do business with them.
Sep 2016 This was one of my first experiences with Textbook Maniac. Overall I was really pleased with their prompt service. I had mistakenly sent a book with water wrinkling and they immediately texted me to make me aware of it and offered to buy the book at a lesser but still very reasonable price. Most book buyers don't do that. They just deduct the book from the offer and you never hear why. I will definitely continue to sell book to them.
Sep 2016 Good company to deal with.
Aug 2016 Amazing service. Fast and free postage. Instant payment on receiving books. Full amount quoted paid. Would love to do business with you again. Keep up the great work!!!
Mar 2016 This vendor was great and gave me a good price for my books. Upon receipt of my books, they paid promptly with a check in the mail for the full amount quoted. I tried to leave feedback a month ago, after my transaction with this vendor was completed, but the feedback site was not working properly. I would definitely use this vendor again.
Dec 2015 I didn't have any issues with TextbookManiac other then the fact that they are slower then some of the other vendors at processing the orders. They sent me the full quoted value for my book. I will definitely continue using them as long as the buyback prices are right.
Nov 2015 Like a previous reviewer, I also experienced the vendor's "water damage" excuse and received less than 50% of the quoted buyback price. The textbook had nearly imperceptible wrinkling on a few pages, and otherwise was in like-new condition. Before this vendor, I have never had an experience where the vendor did not pay the quoted price. This was my first experience with this vendor, and I will NOT do business with them again.
TextbookManiac Response: It was not "imperceptible" wrinkling. It was significant enough that it was immediately noticeable. We have difficulty reselling damaged books and cannot pay the full quoted price for books that arrive in damaged condition. We also offer to ship any book back to a customer for free.
Oct 2015 I have never had a bad experience. Sold many books and have always been paid in a timely fashion.
Sep 2015 They scammed me out of $30. Said both books were damaged when I checked both and only one was damaged. If I could give a zero I would. Sold two books, one worth $20 and one worth $50. I knew the $20 book had some damage so I told them, but they came back and said that both had damage and said they'd offer $15 for the cheap book and $25 for the expensive book. They are a complete rip off and will never send them books again!
Jun 2015 Lightning fast payment. Sent my book and had the cash in my PayPal account in less than one week.
May 2015 Great and fast service! I just received my check today two weeks from when I shipped my book. Emails notifying me when they received it and when my check was sent out. I am very satisfied. I will do business with them again.