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Renttext is part of a larger company, BBA Solutions. For the last 15 years, BBA has been an innovator in the college textbook market by lowering prices and delivering top quality service. BBA is the leading off campus college textbook company in the United States. We started Renttext as a way to provide low prices and superior service to customers not currently reached by our bookstores.

BBA was one of the first companies to buy and sell textbooks over the internet. We have years of experience delivering the right books on time when you need them. You can have confidence that you are dealing with a company that knows our job and cares about your personal situation.

Website: http://www.renttext.com/
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Feb 2017 I don't think there is a better vendor out there comparable to Rent Text. The website is so user friendly and self explanatory. No confusions! I have never had a misplaced textbook or been offered a lower price than what was originally quoted. I shipped on Friday, they received it the next week on Tuesday (with exception of the weekend) and they sent payment on Thursday... AMAZING!! Try them out! You wont be disappointed!
Feb 2017 I've sent to several companies and this by FAR is the best company ever. No hassle, quick shipping and they send you the funds immediately as they receive the items. Also... they are always one of the top 3 in offering price. They are awesome!!!
May 2016 am very happy to send my books to RentText. They always respect the quotas of the books as they appear in bookscouter. It's easy to grab the free shipping label. Always offer great prices for your books. Payment for your books is really fast. And above all, they have a great team and great customer service. I'm definitely very happy and thankful is great library. Thanks RentText
Feb 2016 When selling, I check RentText first. Generally, a great company to work with. After 3 years of selling books, I've never had a problem with them. They won't buy everything, but, what they do buy is for a good price. I will continue to use RentText.
Jan 2016 I have had numerous transactions (15+) this year with RentText. All were EXCELLENT!
Jan 2016 I mailed a textbook a week ago and have received the payment today in my PayPal account for the amount quoted. I am glad that I was paid for the textbook and I especially bring this up because I had a bad experience with selling a textbook to a different vendor, who refused to pay at all. It was a pleasure doing business with this vendor and I highly recommend this vendor to anyone wanting to sell used textbooks based on my experience.
Sep 2015 I sent in one book they offered the highest buyback on and received the quoted amount via PayPal within in six days of them receiving the package.
Jun 2015 So far it has been great selling my books with them. On time payment all the time